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Vocal Tune – Convenient pitch correction
for all vocal recordings

Optimizing vocal tracks has become a central part of modern music production.

With the addition of Vocal Tune which is based on revolutionary Samplitude ProAudio Technology, the program now has a powerful tool for editing pitch.

Vocal Tune offers convenient control and guarantees reliable correction of off-key notes in vocal recordings or from solo instruments while maintaining the natural sound character.

Auto Mastering – Fully automatic final touches
for perfect sounding results

Mastering is one of the most demanding and specialized aspects of music production and requires extensive experience with the perception of sound. Now thanks to the new Auto Mastering feature anyone can achieve impressive results!

A wide range of professionally designed presets enable you to find the right sound for your songs in the blink of an eye. The Clone Function also makes it possible to transfer sounds from your favorite songs and bands to your own tracks.

Anyone who wants to create a more personalized sound can use the multitude of processing options offered in the Mastering Suite 4.

DN-e1 – A spectacular high-end synthesizer

The DN-e1 is a multifaceted instrument that is completely easy to use despite its massive and dynamic sound. The DN-e1 is a unique addition to the realm of virtual analog synthesizers with unparalleled sounds for melodies and soundscapes and almost limitless possibilities for creative sound design.


The brand new Vita Solo Instruments

Power Guitar* – Powerful and energetic guitar riffs

Power Guitar is the perfect choice for rocking guitar riffs, intense overdrive sounds and aggressive power chords.

These high-adrenalin guitar sounds are the perfect addition to any rock or pop project! Power Guitar was developed in close cooperation with numerous producers and studio guitarists to ensure authentic playability and precision sound recreation down to the finest detail.

* Power Guitar is offered as a free download after program installation

Vintage Organ – Awesome retro organ sounds

Vintage Organ captures the classic organ sounds of the 60s and 70s with unbelievable precision and authenticity.

The unmistakable sound of this instrument is perfect for adding some warmth and charm to your tracks. Choose from a huge variety of top quality organ sounds and add a bit of music history to your productions.

Pop Brass – Crystal clear horns

Pop Brass provides modern horn sounds recorded by professional session musicians in a world-class studio.

Trombones, trumpets, saxophones and more – the wide range of playing styles offers the perfect accent for any kind of production.

Electric Piano – Charming electronic keys

This charismatic electric piano offers a unique palette of rich piano sounds for your productions.

Electric Piano is a multifaceted instrument for creating dynamic keyboard arrangements with an organic feel whether soft and warm or distorted and aggressive.

64-bit & Multi-core Support –
For optimum system performance

Today's virtual instruments and plug-ins are incredibly powerful, but they also require a lot of RAM. The 64-bit support in Samplitude Music Studio 2014 ensures that your PC is using its full RAM potential and your studio setup is always providing you with top performance.

In addition, multi-core support guarantees maximum use of the CPU resources in your system. This enhanced performance becomes particularly noticeable when using RAM-intensive plug-ins and working with large, complex mixes.

More amazing extras

Vintage Effects Suite + – Additional inspiring studio effects

The Vintage Effects Suite + expands the effects repertoire with a chorus/flanger, delay, filter, and reverb plug-in.

Based on the same intuitive principle, Corvex, Ecox and Filtox are easy to use and will inspire you to create your own unique sounds.

MR-128 – Powerful multitrack recorder

The integrated MR-128 multitrack recorder combines the trusted handling of a multitrack recorder with all the advantages of a personal computer system.

You now have the option of recording on up to 128 tracks – the perfect setup for working on complex studio projects.

Touch Optimization – Convenient control with the touch of a finger

Touchscreens are becoming more popular every day and enable more intuitive control of the software.

Samplitude Music Studio 2014 is compatible with touchscreens (e.g. with Windows 8) and enables you to control the program with the swipe of a finger.

Samplitude Music Studio 2014

Samplitude Music Studio 2014

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MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 20

MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 20

Even more possibilities thanks to new Vita Solo instruments.