MAGIX Music Maker 2016

The new generation of software for music production and live performance


Record and produce music and perform it live. MAGIX presents the new generation of software for intuitive music production and enthralling live performances. With MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live you can now produce music and play it live without any previous experience. The brand new Live Pads make creating new tracks easy and enable true creative freedom and lots of fun -especially when making electronic music.

 A highlight of Music Maker 2016 Live is the new Live Pad mode, ´which contains 16 virtual pads that can be operated and recorded in realtime using the keyboard or the MAGIX Audio Remote app. The program features 30 pre-produced Live Sets in a range of genres including Hip Hop, Deep House and Techno. The Live Sets can be adapted, are license-free and can be used from directly within the program with other genres or Live Sets. Each set is available in 7 pitches and pitch can be shifted with just a click when creating a track. The new free Audio Remote app can be used to operate the virtual Pads and all virtual instruments in Music Maker by smartphone or tablet.

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live has a whole range of options for bringing musical ideas to life. Combine professionally produced sounds and loops by drag & drop, record your own vocals in studio quality and compose new melodies with the MIDI editor. With Soundpools from the genres of Hip Hop, Deep House, 80s, Rock Pop and Chillout and four new virtual instruments, the program provides an unlimited variety of musical styles:

  • Dramatic film music with cinematic synthesizer sounds
  • The virtual Accordion adds a light, authentic sound to electro beats and traditional French songs
  • Gentle folk influences with banjo, steel guitar and other folk instruments
  • Compelling melodies and epic vocals with virtual choirs

For optimal audio quality, professional mastering plug-ins are seamlessly integrated into Music Maker 2016 Live. Sound can even be optimized automatically with Auto Mastering. The effects areas has been completely redesigned and the new sound effects settings are directly integrated into the interface, making them easier to operate. The screen keyboard features a new mode in which it only plays the notes that fit the key of the song you're working on - so even beginners will always hit the right note.

Music Maker 2016 is available online now in the following versions:

  • MAGIX Music Maker 2016 for $59.99
  • MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live for $99.99

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live


  • Exclusive Live Pad mode for electronic music production with free MAGIX Audio Remote app
  • Loops and sounds in 6 genres such as Hip Hop & Deep House
  • 6 Soundpools, e.g Hip Hop, Deep House
  • 15 virtual instruments
    New: Cinematic synths, virtual accordion, folk instruments and virtual choirs
  • New Mastering Suite with Auto Mastering
  • Unlimited number of tracks
  • Vintage compressor

MAGIX Music Maker 2016

The most important features

  • Loops and sounds in 6 genres such as Hip Hop, 80s, Rock Pop
  • 99 tracks for small and big projects
  • VST3 and VST2 interface
  • 1 sampler
  • 11 virtual instruments
    New: Cinematic synths & virtual accordion
  • New: Free MAGIX Audio Remote app
  • Redesigned effects area
  • Optimized screen keyboard