Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

The best of both worlds!


The latest version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer from MAGIX combines powerful image editing with high-performance graphics tools. The program is powered by the professional vector graphics engine from Xara Designer Pro X, creating a whole new range of design possibilities for photo artists, illustrators and digital art fans. Whether you use it for fast image optimization, detailed photo retouching or designing greeting cards, the new Xara Photo & Graphic Designer lets you get the most out of any project.

The new features for creative design are a special highlight in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. New filters enable you to create incredible color effects without needing to set contrast and tonal values. These let you give entire images or precise sections of pictures a unique look.
New intelligent photo grids help you design spectacular photos collages using drag & drop functions and then customize them the way you want.

The latest version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer offers all the advantages of the previous version along with even more options for optimizing photos, backgrounds and details. If a photo turns out crooked, you can straighten the horizon in one easy step. Blend modes for color dodge and color burn can be used to enhance color ranges in images. With this feature, you can brighten or darken important photo details in no time at all.

The new Xara Photo & Graphic Designer includes a huge range of practical tools for even more intuitive operation. The magnetic lasso tool enables you to clip sections of your images with total ease. For instance, you can select the outline of an individual person with the mouse and move it to a new background. And to make working on your projects even more fun, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer includes a link to a license-free stock photo catalog. Access over 600,000 sample images and illustrations that can be edited and used for absolutely free.

The latest version of MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer is available now online and in shops for £49.99.

The most important features:

  • Tons of new photo effects
  • New intelligent photo grids
  • Improved clipping paths with intelligent selection
  • Blend modes for color dodge and color burn
  • Intelligent scaling & zoom
  • Straighten horizons
  • Automatic panorama montages & perspective correction
  • Detailed retouching with Magic Erase
  • New Smart Shapes
  • Create graphic intersections
  • Liquefying vector graphics
  • Intuitive 3D design
  • Support for graphics tablets