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MAGIX: The easy way to make a video

How can you make a video quickly and easily?

Video easy, a movie editing program from MAGIX is the ideal solution for anyone who thinks that video editing can only be done by professionals with expensive equipment and specialized software. Cutting and editing raw material isn't just for the experts. Au contraire! Everyone should have a look into the topic, MAGIX definitely makes getting started a whole lot easier.

Camcorder sales have been steadily rising over the past few years. There's almost always somebody with a digital video camera recording at family gatherings, event and get-togethers. But just having a camera and recording isn't enough. The footage needs to be cut and edited; otherwise even watching videos of the best events can be a boring, long drawn out affair. Lots of people are unsure how exactly to transfer footage from their camera onto their computer for editing. MAGIX Video easy features clear, easy to understand tips and information on transferring footage. Once that's done the software can help you edit raw material quickly and easily. An easy to use interface, a range of simple but effective effects and a logical workflow make the editing process a whole lot easier.

Video easy Screen

MAGIX makes it possible for anyone to make a video

If you're someone who hasn't given video editing a shot yet but want to try your hand at editing take a look at MAGIX Video easy. Anyone can make a video from their raw footage without needing to be an expert or own lots of expensive equipment.

MAGIX Video easy HD (Version 5)

MAGIX Video easy HD (Version 5)

MAGIX Video easy HD is the perfect beginner program for the whole family. Thanks to the intuitive program interface with extra large buttons, wide range of help functions and practical wizards you can transform your recordings into amazing videos, even if you don't have a previous experience.

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