360-degree support


On Friday, YouTube announced that it is now supporting 360-degree video, allowing their users to upload and view ultra-immersive videos. Alongside these news, we are proud to announce the support of 360-degree video in the upcoming build of MAGIX Video deluxe 2016. It will be possible to edit these impressive videos with the software's release in late 2015.

360-degree cameras can capture their surroundings using multiple lenses and are able to fascinate everyone from the amateur filmmaker to professional production artists. Up until now, the resulting footage has always been compressed to two-dimensional panoramic compositions. However, with the newly added support viewers are able to freely rotate the camera view and enjoy videos from whichever angle they choose. This means, for example, that audiences can now watch the crowd and the stage at the same time in a concert video or experience action sports from every perspective imaginable.

Sven Kardelke, Vice President Product Management Video at MAGIX:
“From a creative viewpoint as well as in regards to the up-and-coming virtual reality technology, 360-degree cameras are opening up a whole new level of editing. If camera manufacturers are willing to invest more in the image quality, it will create a realistic opportunity for this technology to replace conventional action cams, at least in the medium term.”

MAGIX will be the first developer of video editing software to support this new format in post-production.