MAGIX showfy

Simple, private and safe: Share videos and photos with friends


A wide-spread phenomenon among vacationers and party guests, as well as anyone who likes to capture special moments, is large collections of photos and videos that you want to share with friends and family. However, uploading photos and videos to social networks is generally unsafe, and printing photo albums requires time and money. The online service showfy from MAGIX offers a solution to this problem. showfy is a media-sharing service that allows users to upload and view pictures and videos from anywhere. Whether on your PC, smartphone, tablet or television, showfy supports more devices and platforms than any other sharing program.

Easy saving and management

showfy lets users take their photos and videos with them wherever they go. Media uploaded to showfy are saved to galleries on the cloud. These so-called streams can be created, managed and added to a multitude of devices and operating systems. This makes organizing and adding value to special moments easier than ever before.

Share photos and videos privately and safely

Streams can only be seen by those who have access. Users can easily grant access to friends and family by sending invitations via email. Moreover, all showfy servers are located within Germany, which means they are protected by strict German data privacy laws. showfy guarantees that only the people you invite—and no one else—can view your favorite photos and videos.

Present photos and videos everywhere

Users and invited guests can view streams on notebooks, on the go on smartphones, and at home on their television. The showfy apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones, and showfy supports the latest devices from LG, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and Samsung. Users can also easily share vacation and wedding albums with friends and family in their own living rooms via the Smart TV app and Google Chromecast.

Sign up and get started

showfy is free of charge and offers every user 2GB of storage space for their media. Users that require more space can upgrade to showfy Premium for only $1.99/month to increase their allotment to 25GB. This way everyone has enough space to store and share their memories. Invited guests can also upload media to streams. This is useful for users who would like to create streams for experiences they have shared with others.

An overview of showfy:

  • 2 GB storage space (expandable to 25GB for only $1.99)
  • Photos and videos are organized into practical streams (online video and photo albums)
  • Streams are clearly displayed as galleries
  • Only the people you invite to view your streams can see the media contained within them
  • Unblock streams to share them with others
  • Comment on and like images & videos in streams
  • Wireless transfer to your TV with Google Chromecast
  • Smart TV App for the latest devices from LG, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and Samsung
  • Security: German servers and SSL encryption
  • Mobile app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone