QuickTime security vulnerabilities: Solutions from MAGIX


Several days ago, security firm Trend Micro issued an alert that QuickTime for Windows has been affected by two critical security vulnerabilities and that Apple is not planning future updates for Windows versions. The firm recommended that Windows users uninstall QuickTime software from their computers. This is bad news for professional video editors, since many video editing programs depend on QuickTime components from Apple in order to support MOV files and other video formats.

For users of the latest version of Video Pro X, these security vulnerabilities and the need to uninstall QuickTime are not an issue - because you can continue to edit most MOV videos without QuickTime.

Why are Video Pro X users able to edit MOV videos without QuickTime?

In contrast to video editing programs from other manufacturers, the latest version of Video Pro X contains parser logic for MOV that has been developed by MAGIX itself. In addition, the program uses integrated codecs for H.264 as well as its own ProRes codec. As a result, the software can work with the most important MOV formats and import, edit and export videos completely independent of QuickTime. MOV videos with Apple ProRes can also be imported and edited without any issues. ProRes export is not supported in the latest Video Pro X version, but support will be included in all future versions.

Can other MAGIX programs also work independently of QuickTime?

All the latest versions of MAGIX video editing programs also include the same parser logic and integrated codecs for H.264. This means that Movie Edit Pro and Fastcut users can edit their MOV videos with the H.264 codec after they uninstall QuickTime.

What action do I need to take?

First of all, MAGIX users should uninstall QuickTime and check their MAGIX software version. Users who own older versions but want to continue editing MOV files should upgrade to the latest software version. For users who work with Apple ProRes, the best solution is to use the latest version of Video Pro X. If you have any questions or would like to more more about your options, please get in touch with the MAGIX support team.