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Sequoia 13Sequoia 13

Sequoia 13

Production. Broadcast. Mastering.

Production. Broadcast. Mastering.

Yet another milestone in the development of professional software solutions for audio production, broadcasting and mastering. The new Sequoia 13 offers everything that our demanding users need and more!

The current generation of Sequoia sets new standards in the high definition DAW market and provides maximum flexibility, performance and efficiency.

Die wichtigsten Neuerungen & Funktionen

New Feature Highlights:

  • Comprehensive loudness functions based on EBU R128
  • Major improvements to the Spectral Cleaning function
  • Free plug-in routing
  • Realtime AAC/MP3 audition plug-in
  • Production: Create massive studio projects and complex Surround Sound mixes
  • Restoration: Remove noise using professional algorithms
  • Post Production: Integrate images or video footage and export video files
  • Mastering: Finish off projects in the highest possible quality and produce according to the most current industry standards

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