Samplitude Music Studio 2014

The New Samplitude Music Studio 2014 New instruments, new effects, new possibilities


With Samplitude Music Studio 2014 MAGIX is presenting the newest version of its digital audio workstation for ambitious solo artists, bands and producers.
No other program in its price class can match the efficient, professional workflow in Samplitude Music Studio 2014. Based on pro audio Samplitude technology, this new version offers everything needed for recording on through to the final mastering.
In addition to the helpful video tutorials, beginners will also appreciate the Easy Mode that leads the user step-by-step to a finished song. Users can also enjoy the advantages of inter-program compatibility by transferring projects from MAGIX Music Maker into Samplitude Music Studio or from Samplitude Music Studio into Samplitude Pro X. This enables users to take their projects with them every time they advance to the next level in audio editing.

MAGIX made sure to keep the needs of demanding musicians and producers in mind while developing the new features for this version. The new "MR-128" multitrack recorder offers recording on up to 128 tracks in 24-bit/96kHz studio quality. The new "Vocal Tune" feature provides users with a tool for quickly and easily correcting vocal or solo instrument recordings. One click is all it takes to change the pitch and fix any wrong notes. With Corvex, Ecox and Filtox combined in the "Vintage Effects Suite +", Samplitude Music Studio 2014 now has three of the new professional effects available in Samplitude Pro X.

In addition to the high-end virtual analog synthesizer DN-e 1, this new version also has four new Vita Solo Instruments: Electric Piano, Power Guitar*, Pop Brass and Vintage Organ. Vita Instruments represent the pinnacle in audio quality and were recorded by professional musicians in some of the top international studios.

The new "Auto Mastering" feature makes it possible for users to apply the audio characteristics of their favorite songs to their own projects. This can be done by using one of the many presets or by setting up any MP3 as a template. After a short analysis, the settings are applied to the user's own arrangement at optimum levels and with a sound that is amazingly similar to the template track. For more complex projects, more effects can be integrated through the most important interfaces: VST, ASIO, ReWire, DirectX, SMPTE, MTC, MC (Master and Slave). MIDI keyboards and hardware controllers (including MIDI Learn) can also be controlled directly in the program.

Samplitude Music Studio 2014 can already be purchased online and will be available for £79.99 in retail stores as of Sept. 15, 2013.

New features at a glance

  • DN-e1: The spectacular high-end synthesizer
  • Vocal Tune: Convenient pitch correction for all vocal recordings
  • Auto Mastering: Fully automatic final touches for perfect sounding results
  • Power Guitar*: Powerful and energetic guitar riffs
  • Vintage Organ: Awesome retro organ sounds
  • Pop Brass: Crystal clear horns
  • Electric Piano: Charming electronic keys
  • MR-128: Powerful multitrack recorder for 128 tracks
  • Vintage Effects Suite+: Additional inspiring studio effects
  • Import/export of broadcast-quality WAV and FLAC

* Power Guitar is offered as a free download after program installation