Xara Designer Pro X9

The new complete design solution


The new Xara Designer Pro X9 contains a wide range of innovative tools for professional photo editing, graphic design, web design, illustration and page layout. New users are also able to achieve quality results thanks to the variety of design templates included in the program. Xara Designer Pro X9 is perfect for entrepreneurs, semi-professionals, small businesses as well as for private use.

Magic Erase 3.0 and Repair Brush, the new photo retouching features, will take care of all your photo editing issues. For example unwanted elements in images can be removed automatically. Magic Erase 3.0 performs innovative image analysis and allows you to highlight areas and simply replace them with pixels sampled from other parts of the photo. Another highlight are the photo effects which have been improved yet again. Various effects from the popular Android app Camera MX such as pencil, Color Splash, HDR, and Little Planet are now available. What's more, it now takes fewer clicks than ever before to remove the background in photos. This makes it possible to change the background or remove people or things from photos. The e-commerce functions have been extended to provide broader web design options and the search engine optimization feature has been improved, making it easier to find your site using search engines.

Along with exclusive templates Xara also offers Hosting Package M* with 2000 MB of webspace, one domain, five email addresses, and MAGIX Online Album Premium for 12 months for free**.

Highlights of the new version:

  • A wide range of design template sets
  • Repair Brush for intelligent photo retouching
  • Panorama montage
  • More photo effects
  • Background removal
  • Enhanced e-commerce options and search engine optimization
  • Access to Google Fonts with over 600 additional fonts
  • Optimized for high-resolution screens
  • 64-bit support for more RAM, and multi-core support for optimum performance
  • Extras: Exclusive design templates, Hosting Package M* with 2000 MB of webspace, one domain, five email addresses, and MAGIX Online Album Premium for 12 months for free**.

Xara Designer Pro X9 is available online now for £249.00 and in stores from September 15.

**This offer from MAGIX Online World applies to the Online Album Premium which can be used for free for a 12-month period from the date of registration. After the free trial period, the service can be renewed based on the terms and conditions that apply at the time of the renewal (€1.99/month as of May 6, 2013).The offer includes one or multiple domains (all endings except .tv). After the contract is terminated, you may continue to use the received domains according to conditions applicable to them.