MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014

MAGIX Makes Videos Sound Better Available now in the online shop: MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014


With the new Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 MAGIX presents the official successor to its successful MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab. The program offers video enthusiasts a wide range of options for easily optimizing the sound in their recordings using the new Cleaning and Mastering Agents. With just a few clicks disruptive noise can be removed, even without previous experience.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 offers more than 150 presets for quickly and easily removing all common forms of noise that can occur in video recordings. The practical preview function simplifies the process of finding the right effect to solve the audio problem.

The addition of the new Cleaning and Mastering Agents, which offer a wide range of useful presets, enables even beginners to achieve optimal results in record time. The helpful tools can improve the sound fully automatically or guide the user through the various options step by step.

The new DeEsser effect is highly recommended for speech recordings. It removes harsh hissing and sibilants leaving the speech with a pleasant presence and warmer sound. The program also includes the new Video Sound Optimizer, a powerful tool for improving the brilliance and clarity of music and speech. At the press of a button it can analyze the audio and automatically apply the best setting.

The new interface is now touch optimized putting full control at the user's fingertips. All of the effects, tools and other options can be applied with the swipe of finger. This makes the program ideal for use on modern touch displays such as Intel Ultrabooks.

To make the analysis and selection of specific audio sections even easier, several ProAudio display visualizations have been integrated into the program interface. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 now includes a spectroscope, a peak meter and a spectrogram among others.

MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 is available now for £49.99 in the MAGIX Online Shop.