Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11

Two worlds in a single program.


MAGIX is proud to announce the release of the 11th version of its photo and graphic editing program, Photo & Graphic Designer. With technology based on the world's fastest vector graphic engine from Xara Designer Pro X, this software seamlessly combines comprehensive image editing with powerful graphic design tools. Intuitive features and a wide range of effects make it possible to edit images and create graphics in a multitude of ways, and the newly-introduced blend modes and art brushes provide even more creative freedom.

"As the name Photo and Graphic Designer suggests, this software is more than just another image editing tool. It's one of the most modern and powerful vector graphic programs available and offers precisely the tools needed by avid graphic designers, small companies and academic users."  - Charles Moir (Photo, Graphic and Web Software Developer)

The highlight of this new release are the four new blend modes, which can be used to create special effects such as double exposures and textures. This allows users to design images which look as if they are drawn on canvas, paper or even stone. Soft light can be used for softer and diffused applications of color, and hard light allows you to add highlights and intensify contrasts and shadows. The luminance and color blend modes can be used to easily customize the levels of luminosity and color intensity.

This software also provides even more options for designing your own images and graphics than ever before:

  • The art brush can be used to stretch photos and vectors along a drawn line, allowing users to create photo-realistic brush patterns, such as watercolors, in a few, easy steps.
  • Photo & Graphic Designer 11 also offers the possibility of morphing vectors. Brush strokes and all other vectors can be enlarged, turned, compressed and distorted in any way.
  • The process of creating graphic intersections has also been significantly optimized and simplified, and complex forms can now be drawn much faster.
  • Working with text has also be streamlined. Automatic line breaks are now possible, and text styles have been further optimized.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11 is available in shops and online now for £49.99.

The most important tools and new features:

  • Quick image optimization
  • Flawless images through retouching
  • Creative collages
  • Automatic panorama montages
  • Amazing photo effects with the Magic Bullet PhotoLooks plug-in from Red Giant
  • Freehand drawing & painting
  • Intuitive 3D design
  • New blend modes for merging layers
  • New brush containing vectors & photos
  • Liquefying vector graphics
  • Improved intersections
  • Simplified text design
  • Optimized PDF export