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MAGIX has several photo software solutions available, from the passive user who just wants to organize and optimise without much trouble, to the advanced user who wishes to use the advanced told that would enable them to create flash animations, graphic and flash sites, and advanced photo manipulation.

With numerous helps and wizards, MAGIX offers users time saving and creative solutions for all types of graphical needs for free.

Optimize the brightness, contrast and colors of your photos. Advanced users can work with the gradation curve. You should enter the curve as a S form to create a contrast enhancing effect. In contrast, beginners can use the auto optimization option or correct the contrast using a simple slider.

Adjust the sharpness and layout with only a few clicks. There are various design principles available for cropping, in particular. You can use them to make the image composition more striking. The most popular is the golden ratio. Here, the image is divided into horizontal and vertical in three sections each. The image's focal points must then be set on the intersecting points of the dividing lines.

Thanks to the sophisticated tools, you can easily correct disruptive lines for city shots and red eye. Use the morphing functions to optimize body shapes. These basic photo editing functions present your pictures in the best light.

Photo & Graphic Designer 10 Screen

Create slideshows and work on your photos with the best photo editing software

Photo & Graphic Designer is simply the most flexible and time-saving software for creating impressive graphics: image editing, illustration capabilities, professional design templates and extensive desktop publishing (DTP) – the Photo & Graphic Designer is the best photo editing software for the best price!

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10

Perfect your photos and create your own drawings and illustrations for flyers, cards and web pages. The combination of photos and graphics in one program opens up a wide variety of new possibilities.

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