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NEW! Easy to use interface

No matter if you want to organize or optimize image content this free image management software can do it all. What's more, the improved user interface makes the program easier to use than ever before.

Unique albums and flexible view and management modes to help you find photos and videos quickly and easily.

Categorize & Rate

Sort your photos according to thematic categories such as night scenes or beach photos, or manually create your own categories.

You can assign your images and video clips to several categories simultaneously without having to save them multiple times. This makes it possible to search several categories at the same time and find the photos you are searching for in record time, no matter which folder they are saved in.

Use stars to rate your images allowing you to sort them by importance and quality. This feature for example could be used to mark any photos that still need editing. You could use a single star for photos that need to be edited, four stars for photos you want to print and five for your favorites.

NEW! Photo Import

Simplified image import from digital cameras, phones, scanners, and digital video cameras (WIA) – for video clips and audio files as well as your photos.

You can also import and optimize uncompressed images (known as raw formats / RAW) from more than 400 popular camera models.

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Find People & Objects

Find people faster

The automatic face recognition feature detects people's faces, so you can find photos of specific people faster than ever before. In the free version you can save up to 10 people.

Ideal for creating personal photo albums for birthdays or anniversaries, or to capture your children's development over the years.

Find similar scenes & duplicates

Are you looking for photos of winter or flowers? No problem!

Image content such as color and shape are analyzed in detail. Choose an example image and let the program find similar photos from your collection.

In the free version you can choose up to 10 images.

Ideal for quickly finding duplicate pictures and removing them from the hard drive.

Image optimization

You can optimize, correct, and add effects to your images in seconds. Make your photos stand out by using image optimization tools to everything from correct exposure to the red-eye effect.

You can also reduce file size by converting images into different formats, making it easier to send them over the Internet.


  • Adjust brightness & contrast
  • Set color, saturation, and color temperature
  • Re-sharpen


  • Red-eye correction
  • Level horizon
  • Select new picture section


  • Black & White
  • NEW! HDR effect


Automatic slideshow

The clearly laid-out slideshow monitor and the user interface with its dark colors help to highlight your photos.

Click through your favorite photos manually or use the automatic slideshow feature. All you have to do is set how long each picture should be displayed for and choose from a range of transitions.

Slideshows & Videos

Import edited photos and videos from your collection to create slideshows using the following MAGIX slideshow & video programs:

  • MAGIX Photostory easy and MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD
    (Version 8 and higher)
  • MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD Deluxe or MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD Deluxe (Version 8 and higher)
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro (Version 15 and higher)


Magix Online World

Use the huge range of possibilities offered by MAGIX Online World to share your favorite moments on the Internet.

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Online Photo Album

Let friends and family check out your multimedia content whenever they like.
Display your images in a range of styles, e.g. as a gallery or in a high-quality slideshow complete with zooms, music, and effects. Integrate HD videos players as well as download- and facebook links.

The MAGIX Online Album Premium version doesn't just offer unlimited storage space1 for your photos and videos, you also get a fully customizable album homepage which uses the latest HTML5 technology.
Choose between two amazing designs (Glass & Professional) plus a domain name of your choice (e.g.

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[1] Initially 100 GB is included in the offer, this can be expanded by 2 GB per month if necessary.

Facebook, Flickr & YouTube

Share your most beautiful, most spectacular, or funniest photos with the whole world on Flickr, YouTube and Facebook,

so friends or photo fans can check out and comment on your digital content.


Protect your precious photos!

You can burn your photos and video clips to CD or DVD from the program quickly and easily.

This allows you to back up your memories and share them with friends and family.

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Efficient photo management

Are you looking for more efficient to manage your image collection?
Discover MAGIX Photo Manager 12 Deluxe, the time-saving solution for every task in the photography workflow.

Take advantage of more than 40 additional functions to keep you organized every step of the way.

  • Travel route animations, panorama montages, automatic image sharpening, etc.
  • Realtime photo effects for even more image design
  • Innovative photo analysis for selecting the best shots
  • Automatic categorization by image content
  • Archive with DVD backups and password protection
  • And many more extras

The easy way to achieve impressive results!

All functions in the Deluxe version (PDF)

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MAGIX Photo Manager 12 Deluxe is compatible with all versions of MAGIX Photo Manager.
Your database information as well as optimizations and changes you applied to photos, videos, albums, and personal categories are transferred automatically.

* From the leading multimedia company: MAGIX sold the most products of all publishers in the European retail segment for "photo, video and music software". Based on: GfK Weekly TrendSetter Software / Germany; GfK Panelmarket Software Benelux, Spain, Italy, France; Chart Track UK; March 2013 (12 month study period).

MAGIX Photo Manager 12

MAGIX Photo Manager 12

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MAGIX Photo Manager 15 Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager 15 Deluxe

MAGIX Photostory 2014 Deluxe

MAGIX Photostory 2014 Deluxe