Camera MX

Pictures as moving as life itself.


The multifunctional app Camera MX combines image capturing with stylish photo editing.

The extensive all-in-one solution for recording, optimization, and sharing your photos and videos has already inspired more than 1.3 million active users monthly and has collected well over 10 million downloads from more than 100 countries. This gratis app delights users with its ease of operation, quick reaction time, and exclusive additional functions.

Camera MX brought live photos to an Android app. With Live Shots, you can simply record moving images and share them as animated clips. The new, completely redesigned interface offers an even more user-friendly workflow and impresses with its mix of classical and modern design.

Make your Moments even more Unique

A range of numerous real-time effects available in high-quality are already at your fingertips when taking shots. This entails more than 20 filters and 3 effects packages, such as HDR, Lomo, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, Distortion, Overlays, Textures, and many more are available. For every moment, there is a filter from the new effects package, which offers you increased stylistic flexibility:

  • Iconic Line: abstract colors and shapes reduce the details of your images to the essentials
  • Fun Mirrors: filters, which twist, turn, and transform your images
  • Summer Shore: a color spectrum reminiscent of Summer for particularly aesthetic images

Camera MX also offers extensive optimization options to put the final touches on your photos and videos. Whether cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation, or color intensity/temperature – every adjustment for photo and video is possible to ensure that your recordings are unique in their design.

With the Live Shot function, Android photos have the possibility to take live photos for the first time ever. In addition to a static image, the last moments leading up to the image are saved with a photo. This allows you to go back to your recording and save single images, or see the photo as an animated clip and share it with friends. Your finished can be exported then as a photo, video, or as a GIF-file and directly posted to your social networks. Now, you can relive these special, fun, and exciting memories in pictures over and over again.

Camera MX Update 4.0 is available for free starting now in the Google Play Store.

The Highlights:

  • Live Shots – save lively photos to export and share them as animated GIFs or videos
  • Shoot-The-Past – choose the perfect moment when editing photos
  • Full creative freedom with our new filter and effects packages for photos and videos
  • Gallery – everything at a glance. Select multiple images to delete, move, copy, or sort manually.