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Everything you need to make moving picture stories.
Your photos and videos in an amazing Photostory.

The Photostory Family

MAGIX Photostory easy
MAGIX Photostory easy (version 2)

MAGIX Photostory easy (version 2)

Create your own slideshows in 3 easy steps. Thanks to thematic movie templates and automatic image optimization, you can turn your pictures and videos clips into real movies, complete with effects and music.

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Photostory 2016 Deluxe
MAGIX Photostory 2016 Deluxe

MAGIX Photostory 2016 Deluxe

Photostory 2016 Deluxe lets you turn your photos into entertaining videos in resolutions up to Ultra HD. From animations to panorama montages and beat-based transitions, there's no limit to how creative you can be.

Offer valid until July 5, 2016
  • £10 / €10 / A$15 discount
  • Free: NewBlue Composite Pro
  • Free: Movie Score Song Collection Vol. 2
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Photo Premium 2016
MAGIX Photostory 2016 Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Premium 2016

Get the most out of your photos and create your own graphics and illustrations on your PC. Create slideshows with text, music and spectacular effects with this complete solution.

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With the Photostory product line you can transform your photos and videos into personal picture stories – with spectacular effects, background music and high-quality animations.

Experience your most unforgettable moments again and again as a slideshow on your TV, on the go on your mobile device or on the Internet.

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