The new in-app store in MAGIX Music Maker

A whole new world of sounds


As part of the latest Music Maker product line update, Soundpools and software instruments are now available directly within the program via the new store. This enables users to easily customize Music Maker to their music tastes and create a whole new world of sounds for music production in just a few clicks.

How does the new Music Maker store work?

  • Right after program start, users will have the opportunity to download and install the new update. The store is marked with a download symbol. Once it's downloaded, it is located to the top right in the Media Pool.
  • In the store, all Soundpools are displayed under "More loops" and all virtual instruments under "More instruments" by default. If you're searching for a specific genre or instrument, the search bar will help you get results faster.
  • To find the exact loops or instruments you're looking for, the store lets you preview demos. You can also check information via the detail view, such as the number of loops and variations in a Soundpool, tempo in BPM, audio format etc.
  • It only takes a few clicks to purchase Soundpools or instruments. The content you've purchased will then be downloaded and installed right away. You can continue working with the program while the installation is taking place.

From today, the store is included in the latest versions of MAGIX Music Maker, Music Maker Live and Music Maker Premium.

Find out more about the store in Music Maker: