Photostory Deluxe & Slide Shows: Better Than Ever

MAGIX presents: The best-looking Photostory ever. With the Panorama Storyboard, high-resolution thumbnails, the new Photo Explorer and tons of other new features, Photostory has now entered a new evolutionary stage. Transform memorable moments into stunning slide shows with the help of simple controls and creative effects.


Treasured moments are made all the more valuable when you share them with friends and family. Photostory Deluxe makes it possible to turn photos and videos into animated slide shows, enabling users to transform snapshots, birthday party footage and even entire vacations into entertaining video clips and share them with loved ones using the slide show program. Photostory Deluxe offers tons of new features which make slide show videos—and the process of creating them—an absolute pleasure.

Panorama Storyboard

Photostory Deluxe now features a sophisticated new Panorama Storyboard which lets you smoothly drag and drop high-resolution preview images to create precisely the arrangements you want. With the zoom feature, you always have exactly as much overview or photo detail as you need. File names are now displayed in a more subtle manner to let what matters most stand out: your photos and videos. The Panorama Storyboard represents a major plus in clarity and user-friendly features. It's never been this easy to keep track of pictures and videos with similar motifs.

Photostory Wizard

With a range of new settings and options, the new Photostory Deluxe also offers users more creative freedom. Slide shows can be customized in many different ways. But the software also offers the convenience of having the work done for you. With the Photostory Wizard, a single click is all it takes to create incredible, one-of-a-kind slide shows. Thanks to the feedback provided by users for the previous edition, MAGIX has been able to add these and plenty of other features specifically requested by customers.

Photo Explorer

The Photo Explorer helps users locate files on their computer so that they can open and select them right inside the program. This makes working on Photostory projects a much more intuitive process. And thanks to the large preview images, it's never been easier to find your way around. Simply place a check mark next to the files you want to use, or drag and drop them into your project to begin building your slide show.

4K export

Just like its predecessor, the new Photostory Deluxe provides export in 4K quality. Exported videos are as sharp and crystal-clear as the photos used to create them. Photos can also be exported to DVD and played on your television for a unique and immersive experience.

A word from the new Photostory Deluxe's product owner

"With Photostory 2021, the subject is always in focus. The new Storyboard and Photo Explorer feature high-resolution preview images and intuitive guidance, providing users with more immersion when working with their photo collections. Combined with the integrated Photostory Wizard, which enables users to create slide shows with a single click, MAGIX Photostory 2021 embodies our vision of modern slide show software." - Florian Liepold, PO

New features at a glance

  • Panorama Storyboard
  • Full 4K output & 3D support
  • Photostory Wizard: Create finished slide shows with just one click
  • Manual and 1-click image optimization
  • Design elements, including creative collages, camera zoom and tracking shots, intros/outros, and much more


Photostory Deluxe can be purchased here for just 69.99$ starting August 10, 2020: