VEGAS Creative Software Launches Upgrade to VEGAS POST Suite; Adds Breadth of New VFX, Motion Tracking and Image Editing Features with Enhanced, Integrated Workflow

VEGAS POST Suite Integrates Video Editing, VFX, Compositing Tools and Image Processing into a Powerful Video Post Production Suite for Editors and VFX Artists


VEGAS Creative Software ( today announced the launch of VEGAS POST Suite, a brand new update to its powerful suite of editing, VFX, compositing and imaging tools for video professionals, editors and VFX artists. With today’s announcement, VEGAS Creative Software - in partnership with FXhome ( - unveils major updates for VEGAS POST Suite that include significant developments with its companion products, VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image, while leveraging robust new features in the newly-launched VEGAS Pro 18.

The VEGAS POST workflow is centered around the entirely new VEGAS Pro 18, which adds a breadth of new features and major feature enhancements including AI-driven effects, GPU-accelerated workflows, advanced motion tracking, HDR support, and sophisticated color grading tools and plug-ins. 

VEGAS Pro 18 now also includes SOUND FORGE Pro 14 which brings professional multi-channel audio editing to your projects.  SOUND FORGE Pro integrates tightly with VEGAS Pro enabling users to send audio files directly from the VEGAS Pro timeline into SOUND FORGE Pro to make edits and return to VEGAS Pro where their edits are instantly and automatically updated in the timeline. No other editing solution on the market offers this level of audio editing and sound design capabilities.

Additionally, VEGAS POST Suite 18 will leverage the Company’s newly-announced cloud-based media management, file transfer and collaboration capabilities, such as VEGAS Hub and VEGAS Prepare. These capabilities will become available beginning in October 2020 as free tools for VEGAS POST Suite customers. For more information on VEGAS Pro 18 and the new cloud-based services, please visit

What’s New in VEGAS POST Suite

VEGAS POST Suite adds newly-updated versions of VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image for a comprehensive, sophisticated VFX, compositing and still-image editing workflow. 

VEGAS Effects

VEGAS Effects is a full-featured visual effects and compositing tool that provides a vast array of high-quality effects, presets, and correction tools for endless creative possibilities. With over 800 effects and filters to tweak, combine, pull apart, and put back together, VEGAS Effects provides users with a powerful library of effects. With today’s launch, VEGAS Effects adds: 

  • New Mask Shapes: allows users to create and customize Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, and Star shaped masks;

  • New Auto Stabilizer Effect: Provides easy smoothing of motion in handheld video clips;

  • New Motion Track Effect: For easily attaching a timeline object to a specific element in the scene;

  • Crop / Pan & Zoom Effect: Enables users to crop the contents of a clip, and animate the crop to control which area is shown.

  • New Color Adjustment Effect: Allows a range of selected colors to be shifted;

  • New GoPro FX Reframe Effect: For fully customizing the framing of 360º footage;

  • New Text Tool: Now allows multiple customizable outlines;

  • New WAV Format Export: Users now have the ability to export audio using the WAV format.


VEGAS Image is a non-destructive RAW image compositor that enables video editors to work with still-image and graphical content and incorporate it directly into their final productions. This new update to VEGAS Image delivers a broad range of new features including:

  • A Completely Rebuilt Text System: Enables users to have different font styles within the same block of text. Also, new font options including text outline, subscript, superscript, margins have been added;

  • New Healing Brush Effect: Enables users to quickly “heal” areas of an image using a source point and a brush;

  • New Clone Stamp Effect: Enables users to clone parts of an image using a brush;

  • New Dynamic Contrast Effect: Allows users to selectively apply contrast to the small, medium, and large details of an image; 

  • New Split Toning Effect with a Bespoke UI: Allows users to rapidly apply two colors to the highlight and shadow tones in an image;

  • New Gradient Map Effect: Enables users to blend a gradient across the tones in images.

For more details on VEGAS POST Suite, please visit

About the VEGAS/FX Home Partnership

The partnership between VEGAS Creative Software and FXhome - creators of the popular editing and VFX software, HitFilm - culminated in the release of VEGAS POST Suite. With VEGAS Pro at its core, VEGAS POST Suite provides industry-renowned editing tools coupled with expertise from FXhome in compositing and visual effects to offer a massive array of features and capabilities, ideally suited for video professionals in post-production facilities of all sizes and requirements - from individual artists to large studios, broadcasters and SME (small/medium enterprise) installations.

Pricing and Availability

VEGAS POST Suite is available immediately as a monthly subscription or as a perpetual license. Subscription plans start as low as $23.99 USD per month. For more information on subscription pricing, please visit For more information on purchasing a perpetual license and for complete details and information, please visit

All VEGAS cloud-based media management and collaboration tools will be offered as free services to VEGAS Pro 18 subscription customers. Pricing for cloud-based services for perpetual licence customers will be announced when the services become available beginning in October 2020.

About VEGAS Creative Software

In May 2016, MAGIX acquired the multiple award-winning VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio product lines and created the VEGAS Creative Software team, based in Madison, WI. Our development teams in Madison and Berlin, Germany work closely together on innovative solutions to old problems, and building tools that push the boundaries of what is currently possible. Our mission is to make VEGAS software faster, more efficient, and even more intuitive and ultimately provide users at all levels–from video editing amateurs to creative professionals–tools that are perfectly suited to their needs and demands.

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