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Do you have old treasures on VHS tapes lying around at home that you haven't seen in a long time? Then bring your favorite movies into the 21st century and play them on modern devices! The program Rescue your Videotapes! from MAGIX helps you to digitize your old movies, transfer VHS to PC, optimize the video, and burn them to DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Thanks to numerous features and wizards you can bring your favorite recordings back to life with great picture and sound quality and let them shine. For users who are not familiar with digitizing VHS cassettes, tutorials will help you learn all the necessary steps and functions.

For many movies, converting VHS to DVD isn't worth it, since they can be purchased in better quality. However, many movies that you recorded from your TV are often no longer available in the original dubbed version or they were cut or shorted when rereleased. Such cinematic treasures are worth keeping and with the right software, converting VHS to digital is done in a snap. The rescue package from MAGIX provides you not only with the right software but also with the right hardware in order to connect your video recorder via SCART cabel and USB extension to your PC. After converting your VHS your can optimize the films in many ways in the program, for example to correct damages caused by improper storage, frequent use or the natural decay of the tape's magnetic band.

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Everything in one program for converting VHS to digital

Converting VHS to digital is especially worth it when you have old family recordings lying around on old VHS tapes. Once they have been digitized, you can upload them to a password-protected online album and share them with family and friends or put them on a DVD or Blu-ray disc for a great Christmas present. A child's first steps, the first words or your uncle's memorable performance at a karaoke bar - save these treasures before it's too late. Converting VHS to digital also works if your videos are not saved to VHS but rather to cine film, Video 8, S-VHS, Hi8 or any other tape format. The digitized VHS and cine films can then be saved and archived on a larger hard drive, allowing you to save space and easily access your videos whenever you like.

Rescue your Videotapes! is the perfect software to convert VHS to digital. The program provides you with an ideal combination of software and hardware in order to transfer movies on VHS to your PC, to optimize the quality of the video and audio recordings and export them in the desired format.

MAGIX Video saver!

MAGIX Video saver!