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Video Editing

Fundamental video editing is by no means hard. Dive deep into this topic with us and learn how to cut and edit videos like a pro.

Film reel of a video

Cutting videos and films

One of the most important steps in video editing is cutting. This process should be simple and yet produce impressive results. Learn how to easily edit videos in a number of different ways.

Profile view of a professional camera

Editing videos for YouTube

Cutting and editing videos for YouTube is not rocket science. Learn how to get your videos ready for YouTube. From editing to creating intros and outros, find out everything you need to know to create a professional YouTube video.

Video recording using a smartphone

Record and edit screen capturing

Easily record your own Let's Plays and tutorial videos. Find out how to create a screen captures and then edit them. Start creating your own screen recordings now.

Locked computer screen with the text "Good vibes only"

Adding text to your video

Text in videos can be a helpful resource, whether as subtitles, as an intro, or in the credits. Whatever the case, text serves a specific purpose and often help your audience better understand the video. Learn how to add text to your personal videos to give them that little extra touch.

Hand holding up an alarm clock in front of a purple background

Creating and editing 3D videos

It isn't that difficult to bring videos to life in the third dimension. Find out how to shoot, cut and edit your footage to create incredible 3D effects. After all, 3D videos are nothing more than great videos that "trick" viewers using spatial perception.

Special effects

Visual effects add that little something extra to your videos. When applied professionally, good videos become amazing videos. Become acquainted with a wide range of effects to enchant your audience.

Several video effects shown in an image of an orange car

Video effects for professional & hobby productions

What is the difference between visible and invisible effects? How are effects properly applied and at which point in the video editing process should effects be added? Find the answers to all these questions in the video effects guide.

Speed effects shown in an image of a moving car

Easily create speed effects

Video speed effects are a standard in video production and used all the time to produce slow-motion and time-lapse scenes. Learn how to apply speed effects to your videos to make them even more exciting.

Image of a reverse effect when filming through a glass sphere

Play video in reverse – here's how!

Playing video in reverse often surprises the audience because an everyday situation is suddenly shown backwards. Amaze your audience and learn how to easily reverse footage.

Example image of the zoom effect using a lens on the rear of a car

Using the video zoom effect to impress your audience

Bring objects closer or move them further away from the audience. Both are possible whether a zoom-in or a zoom-out using zoom video effects. Learn how to correctly use this effect for your video to create that special feeling in your audience.

Image of the tilt shift effect using a miniature car

Create miniature worlds using the tilt shift effect

It is essential to make adjustments to sharpness, increase contrast and adjustment additional image elements in order to achieve the perfect tilt-shift effect. Use the tilt-shift effect to transform your city and landscape shots into miniature worlds and immerse the audience in your video.

Color correction

Match colors between two videos, or simply correct the color of a single video. Learn about and gain an understanding of the different types of color correction, as well as how to apply them.

Illustration of color and brightness/contract correction using a two-part before-and-after picture

Color and brightness/contrast correction

Color correction and brightness/contrast correction are two very different tasks. One is primarily concerned with the color of the footage and the other with the brightness and contrast. However, the process of applying them is best done at the same time. Learn more about why and how here.

Illustration of color matching using video filters in a two-part before-and-after picture

Color correction using video filters

It is common practice in video editing to optimize images by using video filters and filter effects. They range from neutral filters to full image distortion. Learn how to utilize various filters and filter effects to create a specific effect or to create your own look.

Illustration of white balance correction using a two-part before-and-after picture

Adjusting color using the white balance

Natural lighting conditions are constantly changing. This means that the light in your videos will vary, which can make white areas appear to have different colors. Learn how to use the white balance to adjust the light and color ratios of your video.

Illustration of brightening a video in a two-part before-and-after picture

Brighten up videos – here's how!

Want to brighten up your video a touch? But how do you brighten the video as a whole or just in parts? Read this tutorial to learn the different ways to brighten your video and an example of how to do it.


Postproduction is one of the most important steps in video editing. Learn how to implement the most important stages of postproduction in your workflow.

Man in front of a computer screen editing a video

Working on your footage in postproduction

The most important part of video editing is postproduction. This process is as unique as each individual project. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this guide will familiarize you with the most important tools and steps in postproduction.

Visualization of a shaky video

Stabilize videos in postproduction

Videos recorded on a smartphone, tablet or action cam often contain shaky footage. Learn how to stabilize shaky videos in postproduction to ensure a smooth video for your audience.

Cameraman with a microphone illustrating sound effects for dubbing

Audio dubbing for your videos

Whether you're editing a complex film project or simply a video of your travels, dubbing plays an important role in postproduction. Remove noise, adjust volume levels, or add new audio tracks.

A woman with a megaphone to illustrate the audio dubbing in postproduction

Edit your video's audio track in postproduction

Cut and edit the video's audio independently from your video. Choose just to remove noise, adjust the volume, or add a completely new audio track with background music or voice-over commentary. Learn how to properly edit the audio tracks in your video from this tutorial.

Woman recording and editing her video's sound to illustrate normalization of video audio

Easily normalize your video's audio

Ever created a video that's too quiet, but when you increase the volume, it creates an unpleasant crackling noise? This is a sign that the audio in your video is clipping. If this happens, you shouldn't make the audio track of your video louder – instead, you need to normalize it and possibly apply compression.

Video converter

Converting videos to other formats has never been easier. Learn how to convert your videos into a wide range of formats.

Different recording devices and storage media for illustrating different formats and media conversion

Convert video into other formats

Not every format can be played back by every video player without problem. What works on your PC may not necessarily work on your tablet or smartphone. Learn when to use specific video formats and how to convert your video as needed.

Wall of TVs with various old TV screens to represent different video formats

The most important video formats at a glance

Which video format is most suited for which particular purpose? Learn more about the different formats in this guide, so that you can decide which format is ideal for your project.

Converting MOV to MP4

Converting MOV to MP4

MOV is a special format which is problematic for many video players. Many video players will display an error message, but it is still possible to play the MOV video. Learn how to easily convert MOV files to MP4 format.

Tutorials and step-by-step guides

Video editing is a breeze thanks to a variety of step-by-step tutorials. Whether you want to cut videos or perform complicated edits, you'll find step-by-step instructions for every topic and level of video editing experience in our overview.

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