High-quality MAGIX accessories support you during video editing or when importing video and audio material. Connect the device to your computer via USB cable and you're ready to get started.

Accessories overview:

USB video converter

USB video converter Sold out

Are your video tapes really safe? Your most precious memories on video cassette are threatened by a range of dangers: short shelf life, loss of magnetic charge, tapes getting twisted and damaged etc.

With this practical USB video converter, in no time at all you can back up treasured recordings on your PC. It doesn't get any easier!

With its SCART, S-Video and RCA connectors, the video converter is compatible with all analog video sources: VHS, S-VHS, Video/Hi/Digital 8, Betamax and DV.

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Many hi-fi systems do not offer a phono input or are located too far away from the PC.

With the help of this high-quality USB pre-amp, you can connect your turntable or cassette recorder directly to your computer. This provides the best conditions for digitizing and enjoying your favorite old hits on a burned CD, DVD, or on your mobile player.