Free video editors to test:
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Video editing software for beginners and advanced users, right though to professionals. Discover the free MAGIX video editing software which allows you to quickly and easily edit videos for free. Experience simple video editing and intuitive video processing. With our free trials, you can find out which editor best suits your needs. Afterwards, you can easily upgrade and download your software quickly and easily. Breath-taking videos were never so simple to make!

Free video editing software
for beginners and advanced users

Intuitive and creative: Movie Edit Pro!

Experience the incredible range of up to 900 effects, blending, menus, intros and outros and multifaceted film scores in Movie Edit Pro. Naturally, the user is at the heart of this comprehensive collection of creative choices: the editor remains intuitive to use thanks to the automatic assistant and storyboard and timeline mode.

In the versions from Movie Edit Pro, you have even more options for editing your video. With the version Control, you also receive a free video editing keyboard along with your editing software.

Basic video editing as a free trial

Video easy: Impressive videos made easy.

Edit your videos to your own taste – with no prior experience! Video easy is the video editing program for beginners: Thanks to its intuitive interface with extra large buttons and numerous support functions and assistants, you learn quickly and easily how to optimally divide your video into scenes. Success guaranteed!

Warm up with our free trial and get used to working with the program – then upgrade.

Professional and free video editing software

Professional video editing:
First test the program with the free trial version, then upgrade to Video Pro X!

Picture and sound perfection: Video Pro X is specially made for advanced users. With flexible track handling, look-up tables, the best effects currently on the market and 6k support, you can create professional films. With Video Pro X, you will simply get more from your videos – guaranteed!