MAGIX launches a new update of Movie Studio: Even more posibillities for your video with the newest feature MAGIX Content

Creative minds have ever-increasing demands on their projects and the material they use. The integration of MAGIX Content powered by Storyblocks gives users the freedom to enhance their projects with a variety of stock footage, music, sound effects, and animations. These library takes Video deluxe 365 and Video Pro X 365 subscriptions to the next level.


In cooperation with the stookfootage platform Storyblocks, MAGIX is launching the newest feature MAGIX Content. The libary of MAGIX Content includes over one million different files for royalty free useage. These files can be easily integrated and pubilshed within every project – wether its a youtube video, content for social media or an advertising film. After selecting a file, it will be downloaded and saved on the local pc, so the users can use their files permanently and independently from the subscription. From today on MAGIX Content will be available in the newest subscriptions of Movie Studio Platinum and Suite as well as in the Video Pro X subscription. Within the before mentioned Movie Studio subscriptions the users can download ten free pieces of content per 31 days. In contrast the Video Pro X useres can download 20 free content pieces each 31 days.

"We are pleased that we found a great partner in Storyblocks, who offers video and audio content in exactly the high quality our customers are expecting for their projects." – Sven Kardelke, CPO

Movie Studio will be rolled out completely

As part of this update, Movie Studio will be rolled out as the brand name within the Video deluxe family. In all German-, French- and Spanish-speaking countries, as well as in Italy and the Netherlands, the video editing software will continue to be available under the Video deluxe brand. In all other countries, the software will be renamed into Movie Studio. Both solutions are technically identical. The brand name Movie Edit Pro will no longer be used.

Prices and links:

Movie Studio can be purchased at the following link from $ 2.99 / month:

Video Pro X can be purchased at the following link from $ 9.99 / month:

Video deluxe can be purchased at the following link from 2,99 € / month: