Video Pro X 12 - Enhanced hardware support with Infusion Engine 2

The release of high-end video editing software Video Pro X 12 from MAGIX ushers in a new era of video editing with a significant increase in speed, improved visuals and extensive new functions. The integrated Infusion Engine 2, razor-sharp HiDPI program interface and vertical videos offer an exceptional workflow for editing.



Infusion Engine 2

Video Pro X 12 lets users achieve professional results in a way that's easier and faster than ever before. Infusion Engine 2 is a powerful new program addition that offers advanced hardware support. For the first time, hardware-accelerated decoding with Intel, Nvidia and AMD graphics cards is now available for MP4 files in AVC and HEVC format. Computers can now make full use of their resource potential, with significantly improved performance as a result.



New HiDPI support delivers a program interface that is crystal-clear and legible at all times on 4k monitors, or when using advanced DPI settings. Video Pro X 12's new look underlines its aim of combining functionality with the latest visuals. Redesigned icons, preview videos and control elements all make Version 12 the most aesthetic Video Pro X yet.


Vertical Video

Vertical video is just one of the new tools for social media. Vertical videos (e.g. from smartphones) are recognized directly upon import and can be displayed in the mode in which they were originally filmed. New vertical project and export templates are now available. Video Pro X 12 also applies the latest production standards for these templates, in line with our customers' requests. This is a huge benefit for social media producers, in particular.


Here's product owner Florian Liepold on the release of Video Pro X 12

"After over 11 months of hard work by the dedicated developers in our Dresden-based studio, we've designed a new, HiDPI-compatible program interface and have optimized INFUSION ENGINE 2. The team by our technical head Hagen Hirche has redefined Video Pro X, especially for the use of all new graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. The MAGIX Dresden studio is very proud of the new version, which marks a further milestone in Video Pro X history."



Video Pro X 12 can be purchased via this link for:

349,00 GBP / 399,00 USD


The advantages at a glance

  • NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate – over 250 film look templates & 27 color filters
  • 3- & 4- point edit + 1-click split and trim
  • Real-time image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V5
  • 8K UHD support & HDR color space handling
  • Multi-track & multiformat timeline
  • Real-time audio mixer & audio cleaning
  • Color grading & lookup table handling
  • Multicam editing for up to 9 cameras