The new version of the iconic DAW comes with optimized AI functions, new features for more efficient mixing and MIDI editing, and a comprehensive stability patch. Plus: partner products from Native Instruments and iZotope.


Berlin, June 26, 2023 - Producing your own songs has never been easier: Thanks to the simple building-block concept with sample loops, MUSIC MAKER is the ultimate audio software for beginners – for almost 30 years. While developing the all-new MUSIC MAKER 2024, code quality was put to the test and stability could be substantially improved. In addition, the Song Maker AI has been optimized to deliver even better, ever-inspiring creations at the touch of a button. The comprehensive toolkit of effects, features and sounds has been expanded, including powerful partner plug-ins from industry giants Native Instruments and iZotope.

The highlights of MUSIC MAKER 2024:

Spectrum Visualizer 2: The frequency spectrum is visualized in real time, while the new interface with color-coded frequency ranges provides a perfect overview. For even faster mixing results.

Native Instruments Hybrid Keys: Combines piano, synth, and mallet samples with creative effects. Presets provide the necessary inspiration for beginners, while advanced users can dial in bespoke sounds and even integrate their own sound sources.

iZotope Ozone 10 Elements: With 10 dynamic tools, the Mastering-Assistant detects sound, dynamics and tonal balance of a given reference track and adjusts songs accordingly.

MIDI Multi-Object Editing: Tracks of multiple MIDI instruments are displayed in one frame and can be edited in a single program window. Changes of pitch, duration and volume are possible simultaneously, as if they were a single MIDI object.

Song Maker AI: Song Maker AI generates unique songs or backing tracks in seconds, without any prior songwriting knowledge. Either you give only rough specifications like genre or instruments or define detailed elements of the arrangement, enabling a huge variety of use cases and end results.

Pricing and availability:

MUSIC MAKER 2024 is now available for purchase or subscription at the following prices:

  • MUSIC MAKER FREE: free / in-app purchases.
  • MUSIC MAKER 2024 Premium: 59,99 €
  • MUSIC MAKER 2024 Premium + Loops Unlimited: 149,00 €

MUSIC MAKER 2024 Premium is now available as a bundle with Loops Unlimited. This gives you access to every single sound pool and the entire, constantly growing library of over 260,000 loops and sounds (1-year subscription).

More information about MUSIC MAKER 2024 at: MUSIC MAKER PREMIUM (magix.com)