Samplitude Music Studio 2021 – Everything a musician needs

Whether for recording, composing, mixing or mastering, Samplitude Music Studio makes it easy to transform creative audio project ideas into reality. Its extensive range of practical tools opens up new avenues for beginners and advanced users alike to enter the world of music production.


The new Samplitude Music Studio 2021 gives you more overview and more control. Central tempo control, elegant automations and visual sound analysis provide an enhanced user experience. Music Studio's standard tools for recording, editing, mixing and mastering now include even more features designed to help users turn their ideas into finished projects. These include technical features such as the intuitive WaveColor visualization tool, as well as new Soundpools and instruments.

Tempo track

The tempo track lets users control the tempo of their music (BPM) and create tempo changes by placing easy-to-use markers. They can also use automation to form elegant transitions between fast and slow sections of songs and hence create tempo changes that sound smooth and professional. This feature is a true asset for users who prefer to make music by hand.

Automation Shapes

Automation Shapes make it possible to create smooth transitions between two automation points. Predefined curve types can be used to make classic fades and dramatic modulations that noticeably improve the quality of productions.


WaveColor is a powerful waveform coloring feature that uses various shades of color and saturation levels to make pitch and sound characteristics easy to identify visually and to provide enhanced project overview. This makes it possible to find instances of noise within an audio track without even listening to it and makes working with Samplitude Music Studio a much more efficient process.

quickFX Volume Former

The quickFX VolumeFormer adds rhythmic volume changes and a powerful pump effect to songs, making them sound even more bombastic. The result is greater dynamics without the need to set up complicated side chain routing. A valuable tool, especially for EDM and electronic musicians.


Samplitude Music Studio 2021 will be available for EUR 99.99 starting July 20, 2020 and can be purchased online through the following page:


New features at a glance

  • NEW! Tempo track
  • NEW! Automation Shapes
  • NEW! Waveform display
  • NEW! quickFX VolumeFormer
  • NEW! 6 new Vita Instruments
  • NEW! 8 new Soundpools