MAGIX Musik Software
- Step-by-Step Guides

Do you want to make music professionally, create beats for all music genres, or simply write your own songs as well as record and mix them? We have brought together the most important step-by-step guides regarding our MAGIX Music products for you in the following overview.

Make & Edit Music

Learn the basic techniques for music making and editing easily step-by-step with our detailed tutorials. From tips and tricks for beginners, to professional sound enhancement, you will find everything you need for your music editing.

Create & Record Music

How is music recorded properly and what should be considered? Are there any special features that have to be considered when recording podcasts or other audio formats? Discover the answers to these and other questions in the corresponding step-by-step guides.

Cut & Split Audio Files

Are your files too long or do you want to split them at a certain point? Learn how to cut and split your project according to your needs without losing quality in our different tutorials.

Tutorials for MAGIX Music Software

Edit - Optimize - Finalize

Here you'll find our helpful online tutorials that make getting started with MAGIX software a child's play. Select the appropriate product and learn everything you need to know about the basic and individual functions of the software.

We hope you enjoy watching, learning, and working with MAGIX Music Software.

MAGIX Music Software

Music Maker

Simply create music.

Application area: Beginners & Advanced

  • "Feel Good" Soundpool
  • "Revolta 2" instruments
  • Multicore audio engine
  • Multicore-Audio-Engine
  • NEW! 64-bit version


Advanced audio editing

Application area: Professionals

  • NEW! Remote Recording
  • NEW! Instant Action & Windows context menu extensions for even faster workflows
  • NEW! Loudness normalization (EBU R128 & ITU BS.1770-4)
  • NEW! Audiobooks for Audible, iTunes or Amazon with the ACX Export wizard