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Easy operation, modern design and outstanding results – welcome to AUDIO PLUGIN UNION. For musicians, producers and audio engineers who want to successfully complete their projects quickly and value precise tools.

For more creativity even during high-intensity mixing and mastering sessions. For your effects and tools in the field of audio production. Welcome home.

wizardFX Suite

wizardFX Suite

Switch and listen 11x

wizardFX Suite screenshot 1
wizardFX Suite screenshot 2
wizardFX Suite screenshot 3

Speed up your mix

Whether for quick; last-minute changes or more inspiration while brainstorming – wizardFX speeds up every mix. Thanks to its one-slider philosophy and a large preset range for different workflows, you'll achieve results fast: Simply select, listen and get inspired.

coreFX Suite

coreFX Suite

Make better mixes 10x

coreFX Utility

Now new: coreFX Utility

Make basic operations easy and automable
Streamline your editing process with our sleek and modern plug-in that enables essential editing tasks with the ability to automate parameters. Benefit from the massive collection of essential high-quality tools for professional editing.

coreFX Suite screenshot 1
coreFX Suite screenshot 2
coreFX Suite screenshot 3

Powerful effect plug-ins for any DAW

Creative mixing and mastering at a pro level: The coreFX Suite offers nine essential effects a new home. Premium sound design that delivers exactly what your productions need.

colorFX Suite

colorFX Suite

Apply color 3x

colorFX Suite - Screenshot
colorFX Suite screenshot 2
colorFX Suite screenshot 3

Color your sound

These charming sounds have impressive character: The tonal pallet ranges from the gentle brilliance with an analog patina to glowing distortion. colorFX are not only subtle emulsifiers for masters and grouped tracks, but they can also give individual tracks a distinctive touch.