Just make music

MAGIX presents the brand-new Music Maker


Music Maker is the pioneer of a software generation that makes music creation accessible to anyone. With its latest version, it has clearly surpassed itself.

With a completely redesigned Media Pool, more intuitive workflows and the option to combine sounds using drag & drop functions, the new Music Maker shows just how easy making music really is. A huge range of sounds, loops and instruments gives users true creative freedom for making their own tracks in genres from EDM and rock to hip hop and pop.

The optimized interface with new Media Pool and helpful color coding is a feature that really stands out. To make working with tracks more flexible, the Media Pool is now located on the right in the screen rather than below. Thanks to the color coding and brand new icons, the Soundpools and virtual instruments are now much easier to find and insert into tracks. The bottom part of the screen now contains the control tab with the screen keyboard, templates and inspector. The new design means that applying effects to tracks and objects can be done faster and more precisely than ever before. The bottom and right-hand side areas can be simply switched on and off to provide ample screen room for editing the arrangement.

"The ever-growing collection of professional sound content in Music Maker has always been one of its strengths. And the new Media Pool makes it even easier for users to implement this content in their own creative ideas." Steffen Klein, Chief Product Officer Music.

MAGIX Music Maker Live has a whole range of options based on a modular design system for bringing musical ideas to life - simply combine sounds & loops together to create a song. And of course, in addition to the professionally produced Soundpools and virtual instruments on offer, vocals and external instruments can be recorded using a mike or audio line-in. The Live Pad mode provides users with 16 virtual pads that can be played and recorded using either the keyboard or the MAGIX Audio Remote app. The software includes 30 pre-produced Live sets for Live Pad mode in various genres including hip hop, deep house and techno. You can then add effects via drag & drop and finish by mixing the track on a professional level.

Last but not least, Music Maker stands out from the crowd due to its high-quality audio content collection. 12 Soundpools in Music Maker Premium contain over 8,000 sounds & loops as well as 12 virtual instruments. Three exclusive new instruments in the form of the Church Organ, Cinematic Soundscapes and Choir round off this unique virtual studio. The limited edition Orange Vocoder from Zynaptiq is a further highlight. This impressive effect is perfect for modulating vocals in the style of Daft Punk or Kraftwerk.

Music Maker is available online now in the following versions:

  • MAGIX Music Maker for £44.99
  • MAGIX Music Maker Live for £69.99
  • MAGIX Music Maker Premium for £89.99

 Now including Update Service:

  • All new features for free for 1 year
  • Always get the latest version
  • Unlimited use of program

More information about the new Music Maker: www.magix-audio.com/us/music-maker


  • Redesigned Media pool
  • Thousands of sounds & loops with 6 new Soundpools
    (Dubstep, Hip Hop, Techno, Deep House, Jazz and Rock Pop)
  • 2 new virtual instruments: Concert Grand and Pop Drums

Only in Music Maker Live and Premium:

  • Live Pad mode with 30 Live Sets
  • Orange Vocoder from Zynaptiq
  • 2 new Soundpools and 3 additional virtual instruments
    (Trap, Brasil 66 and Lead Synth, Jazz Drums, Revolta 2)
  • Unlimited tracks and professional mastering suite

Only in Music Maker Premium:

  • 3 exclusive virtual instruments
    (Church Organ, Cinematic Soundscapes, Choir)
  • 4 exclusive Soundpools
    (Score, Chillout, Dance and Ambient)