VEGAS Creative Software Unveils Major New Update to VEGAS Pro 21 at NAB 2024

New AI-Powered Smart Masking, AV1 GPU Support and VEGAS Hub Availability for Perpetual Licenses; Introduces Beta Version of AI Text-Based Editing Feature


VEGAS Creative Software today announced another major new upgrade to its flagship VEGAS Pro family of video/audio editing tools, VEGAS Pro 21. With the release of this new free update to VEGAS Pro 21 during NAB 2024 in Las Vegas next week, the VEGAS Creative Software team introduces a number of advanced features and workflow enhancements that add significant improvements to the VEGAS Pro workflow for the Creator Community.  

Additionally, Chief Product Officer for VEGAS Pro, Gary Rebholz will speak on a panel discussion in the newly-launched Creator Lab during NAB 2024. In the discussion, Rebholz will share insights on best practices in video editing, as well as insights into the newest innovations that impact the Creator Community.

Update for VEGAS Pro 21: What’s New for the Global Creator Community

The update, which is available for free to everyone who already owns VEGAS Pro 21 as well as anyone who upgrades from a previous version of VEGAS Pro or buys for the first time, represents a significant advancement for the Creator Community. It includes AI-powered features and capabilities that greatly enhance the sophisticated video and audio editing workflow for creators of all skill levels. The update also introduces a number of performance-enhancing features that help accelerate workflows for users. Key new features introduced in the update to VEGAS Pro 21 include: 

  • AI Text-Based Editing (in Beta): Brand new and in beta testing, the Text-based Editing feature works along with the VEGAS Speech-to-Text feature. The tools analyze any dialog-based video file and create a transcript of the spoken dialog in that file. The user can then edit the video directly from the transcript. Simply delete a section of text, or cut and paste text, and VEGAS Pro 21 automatically edits the events on the timeline to match the edits made in the transcript. Additionally, this feature works both ways; trim an event on the timeline, and VEGAS Pro 21 automatically edits the transcript to match. This feature is available for beta testing and will be generally available as a complete feature in a future version. 
  • AI Smart Mask 2.0 Plugin: This plug-in uses AI to identify objects in a video and accurately mask them. Users can create up to eight separate masks and apply tracking to them so that the masks follow along with objects in the video, even if they are in motion. The feature makes it possible, for instance, to replace a video background even if the footage was shot without a green screen. 
  • AV1 GPU Support: Support for AV1 continues to grow in this new update to VEGAS Pro 21. With this feature, AV1 decoding utilizes the GPU on NVIDIA and AMD hardware that supports AV1 decoding. This gives the user far better timeline performance, often at full frame rate, when the edit includes AV1 source footage. 
  • Optimized GPU Processing for AVC & HEVC Files: VEGAS Pro 21 now employs a newly optimized and more efficient pipeline for decoding more AVC and HEVC file sub variants. This results in much better timeline playback performance with higher, more consistent frame rates for accurate previews. 
  • HEIC/HEIF Support: VEGAS Pro 21 now contains a native HEIC/HEIF decoder which allows you to add HEIC/HEIF files (like those often shot on a mobile device) to the VEGAS Pro 21 timeline and edit them along with any other video format. 
  • VEGAS Hub Features for Perpetual License Users: VEGAS Hub features are no longer exclusive to subscription customers. Perpetual users can now enjoy the benefits of Text to Speech and Speech to Text—including the new Text-based Editing feature—VEGAS Content downloads, Media Share, and more. 

For a detailed list of all of the new features, updates, and improvements to VEGAS Pro 21, please visit here.  

Media Contact for VEGAS Creative Software: Kevin M. Bourke

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