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Audio Cleaning Lab 2014

Record & Digitize

Record LPs, cassettes and audio commentary

Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 is the ideal solution for recording and digitizing all kinds of audio material. Or you can record your audio commentary for podcasts, memos or presentations in studio quality.

Track Marker Wizard: Divide recordings into sections

The Track Marker Wizard automatically recognizes the beginning and end of a recording. If you, for example, transfer an entire LP, each song will automatically be indicated. Individual songs can then be burned to a CD. Plus! Complete the track information for entire albums automatically.

Fade lines: Design transitions

Design your own intros, outros & transitions: The new Fade Lines allow you to quickly and easily adjust the volume in individual songs or between songs.

Remove noise with ease

290 Presets

290 Presets

The practical presets help to easily find problems in the audio and the clearly structured interface means you won't have to search for long. Distortions, crackling vinyl, hissing, cracks, humming, and any other noise can be reduced or removed quickly and easily.

Remove crackling from LP tracks

With Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 it's easy to get rid of the annoying noises from old records, such as crackling or other disturbances. Simply digitize them, optimize them and enjoy those treasured memories in superior quality.

Auto Mastering

Boost the bass, tone down the highs and fill out the mids: Even small changes to the frequencies can have a big effect on your sound. The Auto Mastering function makes it possible to perfect the sound fully automatically with just a few clicks.

Auto Cleaning

Auto Cleaning offers practical help for removing noise from your recordings. Simply choose the preset that works best with your audio material and with just a few clicks you can enjoy your music without annoying noise.

Optimum smartphone sound

Optimum smartphone sound

The new Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 makes it easy to optimize your smartphone recordings with just a few clicks. Various presets for current models mean that brilliant sound is only a click away.

Watch video

Optimize speech recordings

Dialogs and spoken words in video recordings can often be difficult to understand if they were not recorded using professional equipment. With Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 you can optimize speech in a matter of minutes and bring the quality of your audio to a whole new level.

Master, convert and back up

Easy to use

Easy to use

Simplified mouse applications, an easy-to-access file manager and the redesigned CD progress display are just a few examples of the numerous improvements. Add to that the powerful Auto Mastering function and you have a range of improved tools that guarantee improved sound.

Mastering effects

Now in their fourth generation, the tried and tested mastering effects provide professional sound and incredible results! Optimize and fine-tune the sound image of your audio material with just a few clicks - perfect sound at the press of a button!

Watch video

The preview function

Simply click on one of the many presets and the automatic preview feature will immediately tell you if you made a suitable selection, independent of the style and intensity of the optimization.

Visible acoustics

Four different visual analysis tools help to identify problems with frequency and volume in your recordings. Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 includes a spectroscope, a peak meter, a phase oscilloscope and a spectrogram.

Object effects

The object effects enable you to adjust the volume of individual sections in a song or a speech recording, to efficiently remove audio errors and apply effects such as reverb and echo only to those sections that really need them.

Audio converter

More possibilities: Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 supports all standard audio and video formats.This enables you to convert new audio files easily for import and export in the highest quality or burning to CD or DVD.

Ready for anything

Practical tabs for various standard applications offer total support in every situation. Simply open the program, select the audio type (e.g. LP recording) and the program automatically prepares the next steps.

Useful courses and help

Multimedia Community

Multimedia Community

At you'll find information and even complete workshops created by other users and experts about formats, editing techniques, special effects and much more. Share your knowledge and discuss your experiences with other users.

Instant Help

The info box, an integrated direct help feature, offers useful information and helps you edit your recordings. All the effects and their corresponding functions are clearly explained, allowing you to achieve optimum results without having to spend hours and hours familiarizing yourself with the program.