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Samplitude Music Studio 2015

Multitrack recordings & arrangements

Multitrack recordings

Multitrack recording in 24-bit/96 kHz studio quality on up to 16 mono tracks & eight stereo tracks at the same time.

With multitrack recording you can record, edit & mix band practices, demo tapes or complete albums in studio quality on multiple tracks at the same time.


The MR-128 is a virtual mixing console with up to 128 channels. Each individual track in every channel contains four effects slots for internal and VST effects.

In the MR-128 you have direct access to the master effects section and you can use up to 8 plug-ins in the master track itself. Each mixer channel contains four aux channels.

Put recordings together

You can put all your takes & objects into groups at any time.

You can group all the objects in a track, or objects in several different tracks, and move them together, edit them or add effects. This makes working with lots of objects much easier.


Correct vocal recordings

The feature range and usability of Vocal Tune 2 have been clearly optimized. The new pitch curves & wave forms help you keep track of everything and can be edited in detail with the pencil tool.

Display & print notation

Develop ideas at home and take them with you to practice: You can display the notation for your compositions, arrangements or basic chord progressions in the MIDI Editor and print them as needed.

Tuning string instruments

With the integrated tuner, you can make sure your guitar, bass or ukulele are perfectly tuned before you start recording. Play a string into your microphone, and the software shows you whether the sound is correct or, if it's not, how far out of tune it is.

Pitch shifting

Great for making quick harmony changes in arrangements: You can easily adjust the pitch of samples or audio files without affecting the playback speed.

Track freeze

The gentle cycle for your hard drive and RAM: Recordings made with VST plug-ins or effects can be easily converted to 32-bit floating format using the track freeze.

Time Stretching

If your band project needs to pick up a little speed, you can easily adjust the playback speed of your audio material without affecting the pitch.

For impressive transitions

The first transition solutions to create a lasting effect: You can use the Cross-Fade editor to design your own transitions between different audio files.

Bring together what belongs together

Glue feature: The optimal recording usually doesn't consist of just one take, but is a combination of the best parts of several recordings. Here you can improve overview and management when "gluing" individual pieces together into one big audio object.

Aux busses & submix busses

Spare your nerves and your PC memory: Aux busses and sub busses allow you to do professional audio editing work with a wide range of effects or compression on separate help tracks.

Virtual Instruments

Analog Synths

Take the sounds of legendary synthesizers, add various effects options and top it all off with a bucketful of euphoria – and what you have is the new Analog Synths. This is where euphoric dream sequences meet hard-hitting bass lines, warm keys, organs, strings and aggressive leads. Includes Arpeggiator function.

Urban Drums

Raw drum sounds, snappy snares and a sound modulation repertoire ranging from EQ and bit crush to pitch, reverb & delay. Thanks to a wide range of settings options, the camouflage drum machine is perfect for much more than just Hip Hop & Dubstep beats.

Celtic Harp

Classical elegance can also be found in electric circuitry: The Celtic Harp is perfect for anyone looking for whispery and gentle tones. And if you're afraid the sound is becoming too romantic, just use the distortion poti to crank up the power. Grandiose.

World Flutes

Precious woods: The xiao, tambin and pan flutes provide an impressive traditional sound, as well as a multitude of effects parameters. Immerse yourself in a world full of natural and exotic sounds.

Vita 2 Sample Player

Vita 2 Sample Player

Orchestral accompaniments, drum kits, electric guitars and pianos: The Vita 2 sample player offers plenty of authentic instruments. Integrated filters, effects and even a virtual tube distortion section give you everything you need for designing your own sound.

BeatBox 2 Plus

BeatBox 2 Plus

Bombastic sound: BeatBox 2 Plus not only gives you countless possibilities for modifying sounds for drum kits & high-quality effects, but also the option of loading your own audio files and integrating the beat section.

Maschine mit Hertz: Robota

A machine with hertz: Robota

Robota is a four-part drum computer that aids in the generation of sounds as well as working with samples and oscillators (analog sound synthesis). This impressively arranged object synth continues the long tradition of classic drum computers.

High-end synthesizer: DN-e1

The DN-e1 is a virtual analog synthesizer that provides electrifying sounds for experimental melodies, funky arpeggios and dreamy spaces.


Vandal SE

Vandal SE

Make your guitars scream – and your fans too: The Vandal SE virtual bass & guitar amp is perfect for experimenting. Authentic effects templates such as overdrive/distortion, tremolo, and chorus recreate the sound of analog amplifiers while also offering a completely unique sound.

FX Rack

The FX Rack offers a first-class overview of all relevant effects and makes working with the equalizer, hall, delay, pitch and tempo sections much easier. Make your music productions stand out.


Elegant sound design: In terms of usability and sound quality, the essentialFX effects plug-ins are Avant Garde through and through. The essential plug-ins are included: Compressor, Chorus Flanger, Stereo Delay, Vocal Strip & Phaser.

Vintage Effects Suite +

These effects are so 80s – and it's a good thing they are. In addition to classic effects devices such as chorus, flanger, delay, distortion, filter and tape simulation, three extra plug-ins give your songs a distinct vintage sound.


For an excellent sound image: Mastering Suite 4

Professional tools for an even more professional sound. Here are some of the things you'll find in MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio: A StereoFX module, a multiband compressor, a 6-band equalizer, a limiter, and MultiMax.

Simple mastering: Auto Mastering

Mastering is one of the most demanding and specialized aspects of music production and requires extensive experience with the perception of sound. Auto Master analyses your audio material and finds the perfect sound settings for your composition.

Professional sound: Multiband compressor

The multiband compressor produces an authentic, warm sound image. The input signal is split into individual frequency bands which can then be individually manipulated before the entire bandwidth is compressed.

6-Band Equalizer

The parametric 6-band equalizer provides your music productions with the optimal sound. So you can set different frequency range volumes in accordance with one another and avoid masked frequencies
when mixing down.


The limiter is a compressor with a high compression ratio. By adjusting differences in loudness in instruments or vocals, miraculous things can be achieved afterwards with the volume of the total signal.

Marker Manager

The marker manager helps you keep track of everything during album productions. You can filter and edit all flags, track markers, pause markers and various sub-indices when working on complex mastering projects.


Album production

Practical: Before publishing extensive mastering sessions, you can edit MP3 ID & CD text data right in the project and export all songs as individual tracks.

Sound analysis

Visual sound analysis

It's a good idea to use visual analysis tools for mixing and tidying up the frequency range or, for example, finding masked frequencies in the stereo field. A vectorscope, spectroscope & spectrogram, among other tools are included.

Direction Meter

The direction meter shows you what your production's sound looks like in the stereo field. This way you can see if the mix is too central or if the stereo base width is distributed too far to the left or right.

Peak Meter

The peak meter shows your production's peak level. If certain values are exceeded too often, you should lower levels for the corresponding cause or lower the frequency range.

Advanced functions

64-Bit & Multicore Support

64-Bit & multicore Support

64-bit and multicore support allow you to use your system's processor and memory to their full potential. This enhanced performance becomes particularly noticeable when using RAM-intensive plug-ins and working with large, complex mixes.

Internal Hybrid Audio Engine

The internal Hybrid Audio Engine provides optimal latency management during recording and playback, and is based on
the Samplitude product line – technology developed and used by professional sound engineers and producers around the world.

Hardware support

Samplitude Music Studio 2015 supports the Mackie control protocol and conventional hardware controllers. You can move the fader in the mixer or use an external controller to make live automatizations – levels are adjusted automatically to fit the progression.

VST & ReWire

Samplitude Music Studio 2015 offers VST and ReWire support for additional instruments and effects. VST 2 support for effects and instruments includes integration, automation and VST multi-output. Interfaces: VST 2, ASIO, ReWire, SMPTE, MTC, MC

MIDI support

In the MIDI editor you can easily edit patterns you've made with your mouse or recordings you've made with a MIDI device (e.g. a keyboard or drum pads). You can choose between the piano roll, score and drum editor views. MIDI data can be adjusted and created in various ways with mouse modes such as Velocity.


Custom toolbars

The features you need are always at hand: You can put together your own toolbox with the individually customizable toolbar.

Flexible track headers

You can now change the width of track headers. So, depending on the focus, you can adjust the field of view in the arrangement.

Track-Zoom and Object-Zoom

Save time searching. The zoom automatically brings objects which are actively selected in an arrangement into focus and maximizes them.

Transport console

The transport console has been completely redesigned and can add or remove individual sections as needed.

Share tracks online

Celebrate your release on the web: Post your songs directly to Facebook, SoundCloud & YouTube in just a few clicks right in the program.

Audio formats

Import/export from broadcast-quality WAV, MIDI standard formats, MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, and FLAC.