Virtual Places – MAGIX Releases a Business Solution for Virtual Tours on the Marketplace

Now, MAGIX offers organizations the possibility to successfully market their products and services with the help of interactive virtual presentations using Virtual Places.


The first impression is well-known to be the most important. To ensure that this is even more successful, MAGIX Software has now introduced Virtual Places to the market. The idea is natural: Make presentations of real estate, travel destinations or products available any time in an optimal format and allow them to be experienced virtually. Customers can use Virtual Places' tours from home to explore offers in an impressive way and discover the benefits for themselves. The high-quality, intuitively operated 360° tours allow for more intensive engagement with products and services. For three out of four customers, a virtual tour is an important decision-making tool.¹ Interest in the presented products doubles and the likelihood of purchase increases without additional expense for the company.


"Virtual Places is a service that offers everything from do-it-yourself kits to individual all-inclusive offers to achieve more interaction, more immersion and more sales with virtual tours," says Stefan Renz, Product Owner at MAGIX.


Finished tours can be embedded on websites without hosting costs. Prospective buyers are thus able to convince themselves of a company's offer at any time – without the need for special hardware. According to a study by Contactually, more than 80% of online real estate shoppers want to see a visualization of their property before buying it.⁶

Tailor-made solutions can be developed on request for companies that wish to present themselves individually or have special requirements. The range of applications is therefore practically unlimited. Particularly in the real estate and tourism industry, companies benefit from 360° tours, but there are also other sectors such as education and culture, human resources & recruitment, the press and marketing, where virtual tours open up completely new marketing opportunities. 


"The possibilities of virtual tours are far from exhausted! At a hotel, you have to research the room types in detail beforehand, be given an immersive explanation of the facts by the press – these are web projects with which you can inspire and attract visitors to your website!" says Renz.


Highlights for businesses:

  • Acquire more customers
    Virtual tours mean 87% more views² and 49% more qualified leads³. In addition, visitors stay 5 to 10 times longer on the website.⁴

  • Increase revenue
    Online hotel bookings increase by 67% or more with virtual tours.⁵ Two out of three customers want more companies to use virtual tours.¹

  • Individualize presentations
    Virtual Places offers a great opportunity to make the virtual tours professional and unique.

  • Unlimited tours
    The number of virtual tours embedded on a website is unlimited.

  • Flexible pricing model
    MAGIX offers various services – from the creation of virtual tours with the tools to an all-inclusive package.


Virtual Places is available for immediate use from $10.99 per month. It is also possible to obtain an individual offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs – including all-round service for photography as well as project preparation.


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