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Free Download and Trial: Samplitude Pro X Suite

Samplitude Pro X4 Suite

Download and try the high-end DAW Samplitude Pro X Suite for free.

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The professional Digital Audio Workstation
for musicians, sound designers and producers.

Samplitude Pro X Suite contains exclusive audio cleaning features, virtual instruments and mastering tools in line with current industry standards. Experience an absolutely sound neutral audio engine and bring all your musical ideas to life in the best possible quality.

The professional Digital Audio Workstation for musicians, sound designers and producers.

What the press has to say

musicradar.com (US) - 03/10/2016

musicradar.com (US) - 03/10/2016

"This is a serious end-to-end DAW, then, and a genuine alternative to some of its better-known rivals."

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3

Key Features in Samplitude Pro X Suite:

  • Contains all Samplitude Pro X features
  • Independence Sampler Workstation with 70 GB of downloadable sound material (or on DVD)
  • 4 extra virtual instruments for professional music production
  • Exceptional sound design: Analogue Modelling Suite Plus
  • Cleaning & Restoration Suite with integrated Spectral Cleaning dialog
  • The pro version of the Vandal virtual guitar amp
  • Loudness Metering
  • True Peak Limiter
Produce music

Produce music, record in the highest audio quality and design, modify and restore sounds with creative plug-ins. Try Samplitude Pro X Suite now for free.

Creative ideas

The virtual instruments and the 70 GB Sound Library in the Sampler Workstation provide an intuitive method for turning creative ideas into professional reality.

High-definition mastering plug-ins

High-definition mastering plug-ins meet intuitive workflows and helpful tools such as the True Peak Limiter, which prevents analog outputs from clipping and becoming distorted.

Samplitude Pro X4 Suite Try it now for free