MAGIX: Convert MP4 to MP3 quickly and easily

Before we start describing why the Audio & Music Lab Premium is the perfect software for converting MP4 to MP3, we should clarify the terminology first. Unlike the pure audio format MP3, MP4 is a multimedia file format. It is a digital container for different content and is based on the Apple QuickTime format. It is frequently used to save digital audio content and video streams. But it can also be used to save audio and video tracks as well as subtitles, 2D and 3D graphics.

Audio & Music Lab Premium from MAGIX can convert MP4 into MP3. What's more, it's a comprehensive and professional audio editing software tool that can be used to digitize, edit and restore music. You can quickly and effectively remove noise interference and optimize sound. Thanks to intuitive handling and lots of intelligent presets, you can start audio editing processes with just a click. Whether it's your old records and cassette recordings or speech and live recordings, Audio & Music Lab Premium improves the sound quality of every kind of audio material for an enhanced listening experience. The software also lets you restore old recordings and optimize your favorite tracks as well as edit file formats. With Audio & Music Lab Premium it's really easy to import and convert a wide range of audio formats such as WAV, MP3, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, AAC or MP4 and edit them with the music editor.

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab Premium: Convert MP4 to MP3

Converting MP4 to MP3 isn't difficult – as long as you have the right software. When a program like Audio & Music Lab Premium features a number of intelligent solutions as well as features that guarantee an audio enthusiast even more fun with their music collection, then it's not only a logical addition to your software collection, but an absolute must.

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