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The professional music production DAW

Experience perfect recording, composition, audio editing and mastering in accordance with industry standards.

Impressive new features

What the press has to say (US) - 03/10/2016 (US) - 03/10/2016

"This is a serious end-to-end DAW, then, and a genuine alternative to some of its better-known rivals."

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3

Recording, Editing, Mixing & Mastering:

  • An absolutely sound neutral Hybrid Audio Engine
  • Virtual Instruments: Drum machines, synthesizer, classical instruments and much more
  • Independence Sampler Workstation with 12 GB of sound material
  • Natively integrated Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA)
  • High-definition plug-ins for sound design, mixing and Mastering
  • zplane time stretching algorithm
Extraordinary sounds and intuitive instruments

Extraordinary sounds and intuitive instruments: Test Samplitude Pro X for free for producing beats, electronic music or professional recordings.

Creative mixing

Creative mixing: Get more mixing freedom with free plug-in routing, intuitive effect controls for individual audio objects and VCA faders.

Plug-ins and effects

The mastering plug-ins and effects in Samplitude Pro X are used and trusted by professional producers all around the world.

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