VEGAS Creative Software Embraces New 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor as CPU-of-Choice for Optimal Workflow Performance for VEGAS Pro

12th Gen Intel Core Processor Performance Gains, Enhanced CPU+GPU Integration Significantly Boosts VEGAS Pro Workflow Speed and Efficiency


VEGAS Creative Software ( announced today it has embraced the new 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor to optimize the workflow and performance of its lineup of video/audio editing, color grading, effects and live streaming software, including VEGAS Pro.

By embracing this new architecture, VEGAS Pro will now benefit from significant single- and multicore performance gains for content creators. All AI/ML-based features in VEGAS Pro are now optimized for the new 12th Gen processor through OpenVINO. Capabilities such as AI-based Upscale, Style Transfer and Colorization will be faster and more efficient.

For additional performance enhancements, VEGAS Pro also takes advantage of the improved GPU + CPU integration with Intel® Deep Link technology, as well as hardware accelerated encoding and decoding of video, offering a smoother workflow and a faster delivery for content creators.

The hybrid processor architecture of 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors combines larger highperformance cores with smaller high-efficiency cores. The intelligent selection of cores for different levels of tasks is handled automatically by the Intel® Thread Director, supported by Windows 11. These capabilities are at the heart of many of the stunning, AI-powered effects built into VEGAS Pro.

Hagen Hirche, chief technology officer for MAGIX and VEGAS Creative Software commented: “The combination of VEGAS Pro, the 12th Gen Intel Core processor and Win 11 is something for our users to celebrate. With the launch of this new processor, Intel has provided a great leap forward in multicore performance and gives mobile devices desktop-like performance which in turn means our users can get more done in less time.”

Jerry Tsao, GM and VP of Client Computing Group MCP Enthusiast Segment at Intel: “This close collaboration by our engineers utilizing Intel® OpenVINO toolkit and Intel® Deep Link technology, enables an AI-rich and performance-optimized video editing experience when running VEGAS Pro on 12thth Gen Intel® Core™ H- Series processors, which will make creators more productive and help unlock their creativity.”

About VEGAS Pro

Earlier this year, VEGAS Creative Software embarked on an ambitious strategy to empower aspiring and professional content creators with clear, compelling product offerings at broadly accessible pricing. Central to this strategy was a complete refresh of the VEGAS Pro product line, beginning with the launch of VEGAS Pro 19. This newly-refreshed product line delivers improved video/audio editing, color grading, effects, live streaming and all new cloud-integrated content management and acquisition. Together these components enable content creators of all skill levels to achieve their creative goals with the fast, efficient VEGAS workflow.

VEGAS Creative Software now offers a focused product lineup that provides the tools users need for their specific workflow requirements and budget. The caliber and breadth of the software provides content creators everything they need to “finish” using the VEGAS lineup without the need to launch third-party apps. VEGAS Pro 19 is now available in three clear options: VEGAS Edit, VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Post. For more information, please visit

About VEGAS Creative Software

VEGAS Creative Software was born from a passion for creating amazing video and audio content. Based in Madison, WI, The VEGAS Creative Software team is a band of technologists and artists, some going back to the very early days of VEGAS, but who all share the same vision: to empower content creators of all skill levels with the finest video and audio tools for post production available. For more information, or to become a part of the VEGAS community, please visit