MIDI - Digital information that simplifies the process of music production

MIDI (stands for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface") is a hard and software protocol that has been the norm in electronic music production since the 1980s.

MIDI is used to transfer sound data from instruments and synthesizers or sounds from a controller to a computer. The signal is not received by the computer as a sound, rather, information about velocity, pitches and sound types are transferred to the sequencer. MIDI data can be transferred directly via an interface and edited using a MIDI editor such as Samplitude Music Studio. This simplifies composition, music design and editing with digital synthesizers in a virtual studio. Learn more about Samplitude Music Studio.

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio

The sequencer reconstructs the sounds and velocity using information from the MIDI. This MIDI data lets you try out different sounds for a sequence or melody or edit the data that has been transferred to the computer using software. A MIDI editor such as MAGIX Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio makes it easy to work on your musical ideas further, for instance by adding or removing notes and chords. And the whole process really increases the flexibility and range of sounds produced by a controller.

A piano track that you record using a MIDI keyboard can be played with virtual synthesizer so that it works better with electronic drum sounds. When a music project is finished, MIDI data can be heard as an audio signal via an analog digital converter (ADC) on the sound card. Music created with the MIDI editor may be converted into an audio file using Samplitude Music Studio software or into another format (e.g. MP3) by using a codec.

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MIDI in computer-based music production

MIDI forms the basis for computer-based music production using studio software. Using an MIDI controller to round off your studio on your PC is an affordable alternative to expensive hardware such as analog synthesizers or other studio equipment. And thanks to MIDI, you can make music in Samplitude Music Studio without the need for any external instruments.

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