February 25, 2022


product box and logo to 20th birthday of Movie Edit Pro

Whoever loves films and likes to edit themselves is offered an all-around partner for their projects in Movie Studio – and that for 20 years already! We look back and celebrate with you the second birthday with a zero of the world’s most popular video editing software for home users with a special anniversary offer.

A lot has happened since Movie Studio’s Birth

We look back at all milestones of the last 20 years:

  • Smartphones were invented and started the era of flexible high quality video recording
  • Social media platforms offered new opportunities for communication with people from all around the world
  • Spotify and Netflix made audio and video consumption on demand possible
  • Tom Brady becomes the first Football Quarterback to win seven Super Bowls
  • Barack Obama becomes the first ever African-American President of United States Of America
  • Marvel releases 24 super hero movies which break box office records
  • Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” becomes the most streamed song on Spotify with 2.7 billion streams in only four years

Movie Studio has also evolved since its birth in the business year 2001/2002. Conceptualized as a complete package for video editing by MAGIX Software GmbH, the software has conquered hearts of video editors by storm and has been the most sold video editing program in Europe since 2003. It holds the top position until today!

Highlight in the first version were, among others, for that period an incredible 16 tracks of audio and video, numerous video frames, transitions, and video effects for the image optimization, and the integrated CD-archiving function. Even though the range of available features has since drastically grown and cannot compare to the latest versions, the first features of the oldest Movie Studio were pivotal in laying the foundation for the coding design of the following generations of Movie Studio.

Die Redaktion von Chip urteilte zu der Zeit übrigens ganz klar: „Ist seinen Preis wert“.

„Finishing a first project takes very little time. Within just a few minutes, people can grasp the general operating concept. Getting familiar with the entire range of functions and actively using it, surely takes some time [...]. This is ideal for a large number of users: quick entry with a low learning curve and more functions exactly when they are necessary. Kind of like a Swiss army knife, to quote a product test from a long time ago." - Hagen Hirche, current CTO and part of MAGIX since 1995

Movie Studio and the support of its worldwide community

There has been almost no software solution for video editing, which has received such positive reviews in specialist publications as Movie Studio. As the winner of many product comparisons and collector of awards – almost 1,000 awards in the past 15 years – the program has established itself worldwide in almost all countries. Whether Germany, France, Italy, the USA, Thailand, or Morocco – Movie Studio is available in nearly every country and the user interface has been translated into 14 languages.

One notable reason for the global success of the program has come from YOU, the users of the software. Developers responsible for Movie Studio have worked closely together with users since its first release. User feedback – whether suggestions for new features, reports of bugs, or general input about the program – is collected by our team continually and integrated into our workflow resulting in a software which is “from users – for users”. For example, the multicam editing feature’s origin goes back to one user: Eckhard Stoll from Meschede (Germany), who specifically requested this feature. Eckhard’s story is a perfect example of how the world is growing closer together and how one small idea from the German Sauerland can inspire millions of users globally.

If you have some ideas or wish to take part in the development of Movie Studio, please contact us via one of our many social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, etc.) or become an active member of our user Community on magix.info. We are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions!

In case you have ideas or wish to take part in the development of Movie Studio, please contact us via one of our many social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud) or become an active member of our user Community on magix.info. We are excited to hear
your feedback and suggestions!

Continual innovation and growing demands – the basis of the 20-year success story

Nowadays it is easy to capture moments with smartphones in high quality – and Movie Studio thereby helps to create breathtaking movies. Users can implement their own ideas with simple processes and must not have years of experience. As a high-performance tool, the software comes into play in important steps in the movie editing process and offers professional features in an easy to learn workflow. This has always been our goal since the moment the software was born 20 years ago. Video editing at a high level, but accessible for everyone – this is our success story with Movie Studio.

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