Time to make amazing videos - MAGIX releases Movie Edit Pro 2021

MAGIX is proud to announce the release of the new version of its beginner-friendly video editing software, Movie Edit Pro. With its advanced technology and comprehensive range of functions, Movie Edit Pro is great for users of all skill levels and is ideal for gamers and social media users too. It's time to make amazing videos – with the new Infusion Engine 2, 8K UHD support, and lots of additional new features.


Intuitive operation and an impressive range of specialist tools provided by Movie Edit Pro let users easily bring ideas for video projects to life in no time at all, with breathtaking results. The program delivers new innovations in technology such as:

Infusion Engine 2

The Movie Edit Pro product family has received a powerful boost from MAGIX developers, with Infusion Engine 2 offering high-performance hardware acceleration for Intel, Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. This results in better performance from users' own computers, as well as a smoother overall workflow. High-resolution video editing with various effects is also now possible in realtime thanks to the significant enhancement in performance.

8K Ultra HD support

While 4K videos were still being seen as state-of-the-art, Movie Edit Pro was already taking things a step further. 8K Ultra HD support in the program allows for video cutting with crystal-clear results. Just in time for the latest smartphones with 8K cameras, Movie Edit Pro comes fully equipped with the right infrastructure for playing 8K videos in realtime – thanks to the Infusion Engine 2 and additional performance improvements. New project templates and HEVC export presets for 8K UHD TV2 format allow for seamless integration into your workflow.


Videos look sharper than ever before in Movie Edit Pro – and the program interface does too, with more intuitive icons for buttons and scaled-back symbols created using sleek vector graphics. The Movie Edit Pro commitment to quality means that everything looks razor-sharp right from the optimized start dialog through to your editing workflow, even on 4K monitors. System usability has been improved in addition to visuals: now, even beginners can easily develop their own custom workflow.

Vertical video

When videos filmed in portrait mode are imported from a smartphone, the software automatically identifies the alignment and rotates the video to the correct position. Project templates are included and offer the right page formats for popular social media portals, which usually display either vertical or square videos.


Movie Edit Pro also delivers a range of powerful tools for adding a noticeably professional touch to amateur film productions. NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate and an Effects Suite with around 250 effects are included as standard in the program.


"Movie Edit Pro 2021 embodies our vision for the future of video editing. The program's new INFUSION Engine 2 offers native decoding support for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards and represents a huge advance in performance, with 8k video editing now possible in realtime. Combined with a razor-sharp HiDPI program interface for 4k displays and improved support for vertical videos and social media formats, with Movie Edit Pro 2021, the future of video editing is now." - Florian Liepold, Product Owner Video

New features at a glance:

  • Infusion Engine 2

  • 8K Ultra HD support

  • HiDPI

  • Vertical video.

  • NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate

  • Sleek new interface

  • Professional templates, transitions and effects

Price & availability

Movie Edit Pro 2021 is available from August 24, 2020 in the product versions Classic (59.99 GBP), Plus (89.99 GBP) and Premium (109.99 GBP) in the program languages EN, DE, NL, FR, IT: https://www.magix.com/de/sem/video-deluxe-premium/