Photo organizing software to put your photo collections in order

Do you have a large photo collection and need a way to quickly find and file individual photos at the same time? What you need is the right photo organizing software.

With programs for photo organizing, you can easily find and display your photos on your PC as well as assign them categories to quickly create photo albums of your favorite memories. After all, what’s the point of having so many photos if you can never find exactly what you're looking for? The right photo organizing software is your map to easily find the treasures that you thought you lost long ago.

With MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe, organizing and arranging your photos into digital photo albums is child's play. The clear and intuitive user interface provides you with a fast overview of your photo collections. But Photo Manager Deluxe is not only a pure image viewer, but it is also a photo editor. The software allows you to enhance your images with the many photo editing features making it one of the most powerful programs around. For example, you can correct the brightness and contrast, remove red eyes as well as straighten or crop your pictures. This software also allows you to correct the tint in only a few easy steps. Thanks to the all these features, you can turn any snap into a brilliant professional photo with this one program.

Another great feature of MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe is that you can tag your images in your photo collections. This helps you find photos about specific events, content or on special topics easier and will give you a better overview of your photo album. You can even tag the people in your images and have the program search for all images containing a specific person. Or allow the software to automatically sort and display your pictures by the date they were taken. Photo Manager Deluxe will also remind you when it’s time to create a backup copy of your album and help you save your photos on CD, DVD or a hard drive.

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe is also optimized for sharing. It helps you reduce your image sizes to send them over the Internet or automatically compresses files into a ZIP file. This way, you can easily make sure your photos reach your friends and family in no time.

The Photo Manager – as with all MAGIX programs – also features the MX function. This enables you to easily use your files on any MAGIX product. You can import you images to Web Designer to update on your website or send your photos to Xara Photo & Grafic Designer for more photo editing and retouching options or to even insert graphics. The MX function also allows you to share your photos with MAGIX PhotoStory, to create impressive slide shows of your favorite moments and memories.

Organizing photos with the MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe is more than just easy-to-use photo organizing software. You can use this powerful tool to organize, optimize and backup your picture collection. You'll be amazed about how easy you can create and manage your digital photos into an organized collection of photo albums.

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe

MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe allows you to easily browse, sort and rediscover your most beautiful photos & videos. Breathe new life into your most beautiful moments.