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Our smartphone and tablet apps are the optimal expansion for MAGIX video and music software. Develop your creativity no matter where you are: Start a project on the go and finish it at home on your PC.

Apps overview:

MAGIX Music Maker JAM

Music Maker JAM

The free app Music Maker JAM for Android, Windows and iOS is easy to use and super fun – making music is a blast!

Create the next hit yourself the easy way: Combine professionally produced loops, vary melodies, add amazing effects, mix, save as an MP3 and share with friends. Making music has never been so easy!

Looparoid (Android)

Looparoid (Android)

With Looparoid you can create timeless animated Polaroid photo stories in just a few seconds. Developed exclusively for Android, the app lets you select up to 8 photos, choose the right border, write a cool title and voila! - your Looparoid is ready to be shared with friends and family as a GIF.

Camera MX (Android)

Camera MX (Android)

With Camera MX, you can create animated Live Shots, add live effects and share with friends.

The camera app for Android captures special moments in moving images. Amazing photos and videos are created in just moments.

Special highlight: The background is recorded seconds before the actual shot is taken. This makes it possible to rewind within the Live Shot and save individual photos from it. Never again miss the best moment – with Camera MX.

MAGIX Fastcut (Android)

Fastcut (Android)

Fastcut lets you set the perfect stage for your footage. The free app automatically edits your video clips to fit the beat of the music right on your smartphone or tablet.

Dynamic templates, cool music and tons of fun: Share your experiences with the world through amazing short films made with Fastcut.

MAGIX Movie Edit Touch (Android)

Movie Edit Touch (Android)

Wherever you are your video studio is always with you. Movie Edit Touch is a free app that enables you to edit your videos right where you made them – on your Android device.

Import videos and photos directly from your smartphone or tablet, then cut, trim and optimize your recordings or add Hollywood-style image effects, text and background music. Save your completed movie in brilliant Full HD quality or share it directly with your friends.

MAGIX Movie Edit Touch (Windows)

Movie Edit Touch (Windows)

Turn your Windows device into a mobile film studio with the free app from MAGIX. Edit your videos right where you film them.

Optimize your recordings manually or automatically: Cut and arrange your clips, add your favorite background music and your own personal commentary.

Export your film project in brilliant full HD quality and share it with your friends online, for example, on YouTube.