Convert VHS to digital - Save your memories stored on VHS tapes

Any movie fans should digitize their VHS tapes before they become unwatchable: a cable and video editor software are all you need!

Both are included in the Rescue your Videotapes! package from MAGIX. This software package connects the computer and VHS player; you can then digitize videos with the click of a mouse using the movie editing software Video easy for example. The easy to use video making software then records the video in top quality.

DVD has firmly established itself as a successful format, not least for its slim design. VHS tapes on the hand are bulky and are easily damaged - contact with magnetic surfaces for example can do permanent harm. The magnetic tape can get caught up and twisted inside the VHS player. That's why any sensible film fanatic should digitize their VHS tapes and save them as DVDs. After the digitizing process video editing software such as Video easy allows you to burn your favorite video to DVD, keeping them safe for the future. DVDs are a better format for many reasons: they last longer (for generations if stored correctly) and they can be played on any computer.

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Digitize VHS videos before it's too late

Digitizing videos with MAGIX software is easy, video footage can be edited on computers and then saved to DVD. Rescue Your Videotapes! makes digitizing VHS tapes a straightforward process that anyone can manage, now everyone can save their memories from being lost on VHS tapes.

MAGIX Rescue Your Videotapes!

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