Installation Guide Hybrid Keys

1. Download the Native Access installer at: Https://
2. Install and start Native Access.
3. If you don’t already have a Native ID acount, create one by clicking on "sign-up now", otherwise....
4. Log in with your Native ID account.
5. Click "+ Add serial" on the left.
6. Enter your Hybrid Keys serial number.
7. Install Hybrid Keys and also install Kontakt Player, if necessary. Then, close Native Access.
8. Restart Music Maker.

9. Load the Kontakt VST instrument in a track in a Music Maker project.

10. Click on Hybrid Keys, then double-click on "Hybrid Keys 2.0" on the right.

11. Done. We hope you enjoy working with Hybrid Keys!

For more information on how to use Hybrid Keys please visit:

Product page:


Introductory video:

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