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All tutorial videos about:
Xara Designer Pro

Note: You will find helpful video tutorials here which will show you how to use individual tools, menus and effects, as well as tips, tricks and answers to questions about using the program for specific purposes. Some videos show the user interface from previous versions of the software. While certain details may have been improved, using the interface of the latest version will not differ from what is show in the videos.


Get an overview of the program interface. Get to know the menu and the toolbar, explore the galleries and discover the possibilities of various tools and layers.

Create documents using templates, align objects and text using grids and export document in any format you like.

Enhance photos

Improve your photos with poor light and color. Adjust brightness, contrast, colors and saturation and make your images even more brilliant.

Photo retouching

Use the 'Photo Heal' tool to heal bothersome spots in your photos. Using individually adjustable tool tips, you can completely remove unflattering areas of an image.

Photo effects (MagicBullet PhotoLooks)

Discover the possibilities of effects. The comprehensive MagicBullet Photolooks gallery offers countless photo effects, which give your images different moods using color adjustments.

Crop (Magic Erase)

To crop individual object from an image, use the Mask Tool. Simply mask the corresponding area and remove the background with the easer. One click on the background button "automatically removes the desired" selection.

Crop (Color Selection)

You can remove large color areas with just one click by selecting them in the image. Simply select the color area and adjust the tolerance and gradient, and you're done.

Crop (Shape Tool)

This video will show the exact way to create a path by hand. Separate objects from the background to set them, for example, into another image.

Create graphics from photos

Take a photo as a template and easily create your own graphic using the Shape Tool and other useful functions.

Create graphics from drawings

This videos shows you how you can turn your drawing into a digital graphic in just a few steps.


You can select from among countless brushes in the line gallery. This gives you the option of drawing creative lines, giving your images individual character.


Combines shapes in various colors and sizes. Develop your own logo using shape tools.


Create diagrams, timelines and shapes using SmartShapes: Simply select and modify the way you want.

Text layout

In this video you will find various easy and helpful tips for creating text documents. We will show you how to create a print space, insert dummy text into columns and adjust text flow around images.

Web Design

Create your own customized website. Create any layout you want. You can also set navigation, alignment and links as you like.

Magic Resize

With the new Magic Resize Tool, you can change formats for social media posts in just a few clicks. The image sections are automatically adjusted and text or graphic elements are scaled perfectly.

1 Introduction

Introduction Part 1

Use the Freehand tool to add lines and create shapes. With the selection tool you can quickly and easily rotate and move objects. Overlay elements effortlessly in the foreground or background.

Introduction Part 2

You can change the size of an element with the selection tool. Insert colors and fill either the object or its content edge. The color editor offers you yet more possibilities.

Introduction Part 3

Create gradients of one or more colors. Skillfully define transparency levels e.g. to simulate reflections. By simply using the drag & drop function on the user interface you can import and edit. clipart and photos.

2 Photo Editing

Load photos

This video shoes you fundamental photo editing techniques using the photo tool. Optimize the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of your originals, either manually or automatically.

Photo cropping

Learn to how insert photos, how to resize, how to crop, how to make the object circular  or add shade, all with the photo tool. When you're done learn how to export your creations in the desired format.

Intelligent scaling

Resize your images afresh to change the format (for example, from portrait to landscape). Keep the important parts of the image to avoid it becoming distorted.