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According to the Global Data Backup Survey, backup software is a critical subject for 90 percent of all users.

At the same time, however, only 11 percent of the people questioned say they regularly perform backups. And even 45 percent have never backed up their data. The likely reason for this: many users think that backing up their data is associated with a number of different problems. In truth, however, so much can go lost so quickly and the users are frequently not aware of the risks: Mobile devices, such as notebooks and smartphones are now an integral part of our everyday lives - but they are also quickly damaged or even lost during transport. This is why you should backup the data for such devices at regular intervals.Pictures and video recordings as well as texts that you take or create while on the go are otherwise easily lost with no hopes of retrieving them.

Many people store irreplaceable data on their notebooks. This includes documents, e-mails, photos or music without a single backup. If something happens to your notebook, your data is lost forever. Apart from the fact that restoring lost data from other devices is a tedious task, photos, videos and music frequently have a huge emotional value to users. It's great when you have backed up your data, which allows you to restore any lost data. Most people nowadays don't have enough time to read up on complicated issues and the different aspects of backup software. These users can be helped backing up files and creating a backup. MAGIX PC Backup easily and permanently saves all your data. The program only requires one thing from users: you have to backup the entire system when you create the first backup. After that, an intelligent mode combines various backup types to regularly save only new data or files that have changed. Once the data and system are backed up in this manner, they can then be restored at any time. The user doesn't have to become familiar with complex processes for saving or restoring his data, since the program automatically creates a backupat regular intervals and does the work for him.

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The software can also restore lost data. A boot medium can be created even in the worst-case scenario, the total crash.This way, your laptop can be restored to its state right before the crash, even after it has been completely deleted. For extremely important data, the PC Backup also offers a cloud solution: the MAGIX online memory can be filled up to 500 MB for free. In addition, the automatic data backup, the program also offers manual backup options for individual requirements. This way, the right backup prepares the user for any kind of possible data loss.

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