MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2016 

For musicians, by musicians


MAGIX is proud to announce the release of Samplitude Music Studio 2016, the latest version of its virtual studio environment for solo artists, producers and bands. In order to meet the demands of professional users and provide musicians with the tools they need to quickly and easily bring musical ideas to life, Samplitude Music Studio 2016 features the same audio engine as Samplitude Pro X2 as well as simplified workflows, a Quickstart Wizard and a wide range of new virtual instruments.

A selection of useful recording and instrument templates help simplify and accelerate the music making process. The Quickstart Wizard allows users to choose between recording with the included virtual instruments and using their own instruments. Selecting an instrument template automatically starts a project with various tracks and virtual instruments, allowing users to start playing right away. The recording templates work in the same way and come outfitted with settings, pre-selected effects, EQs and compressors appropriate for recording vocals, instruments or entire bands. These elements can be manually turned on and off or adjusted with a single click to find a custom fit.

Recording sessions can also be taken to a more dynamic level with the free companion app, MAGIX Audio Remote, allowing users to remotely start and stop recordings from the rehearsal room or sound booth using their smartphone or tablet.

Samplitude Music Studio has also seen a boost in content with the introduction of 13 new virtual instruments, bringing the total offering to 19. The virtual instruments, ranging from drums and guitars to pianos and a choir, allow users to easily create and record melodies, songs and beats. The virtual guitars are available in a variety of playing styles, are recorded by session guitarists using professional microphones and offer a number of modulation options. In addition to electric guitars, Samplitude Music Studio 2016 also includes a new electric bass, authentic rock drums, a high quality piano collection (classical and electronic), an accordion and new folk instruments, such as a banjo and steel guitar. Classical music lovers can also create stirring, elegant melodies using the string ensemble and the virtual choir. The collection of virtual instruments is topped off by a range of virtual synthesizers and the ideal tool for creating hip hop and electro beats — the Vita Sampler.

Samplitude Music Studio 2016 also contains more than 2,000 professionally-produced sounds and loops from genres such as chillout, deep house, techno, hip hop, 80s and rock pop. The pre-produced sounds, MIDI loops and melodies are the ideal accompaniment for keyboardists, guitarists and singers.

Samplitude Music Studio 2016 also features an optimized mastering suite which provides balanced compression, the right volume levels and precise frequency tuning without ruining the dynamic. The sound can even be adjusted automatically with Auto Mastering, which can analyze songs in accordance with specific music genres to produce suggested sound settings. A single click is all it takes to achieve optimal sound quality.

All in all Samplitude Music Studio 2016 features an impressive array of high-quality features, from multi-track recording and VST support to professional effects, sure to get any serious musician excited.

Samplitude Music Studio 2016 can be purchased online and in retail stores for £69.99.

All the highlights at a glance:

  • 19 diverse virtual instruments
  • 2,000 sounds & loops from 6 different genres
  • Project templates for instruments and for recording
  • Remote recording via the MAGIX Audio Remote app
  • Mastering Suite with Auto Mastering
  • Notation help (including print feature)
  • Vocal Tune 2 for correcting pitches in vocal recordings
  • MIDI support including MIDI Learn
  • Multitrack recordings in 24-bit/96 kHz studio quality
  • 64-bit & multi-core support
  • 32-bit floating point processing
  • Interfaces: VST3, VST2, ASIO, ReWire, MTC, MC