MAGIX & VEGAS Software affiliate program
Frequently asked questions

What is an affiliate program?

In an affiliate program, there is the advertiser who runs the affiliate program (which in this case would be MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software) and the affiliate partner. The affiliate partner provides valuable space on their website for the advertiser to place banners and links in exchange for a commission on purchases made in the advertiser’s online store.

Who can participate in the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program?

Anyone who owns a website, blog, social media page, YouTube channel or any other type of digital online property can participate in the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate program.

How does the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program work?

It’s really very simple – just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Register for free on any of the affiliate networks that hosts the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program. Our program currently can be found on:
  2. Wait until you receive confirmation that your application has been approved to officially become a MAGIX & VEGAS Affiliate Partner.
  3. Select from our collection of banners/logos/text links and choose the designs and formats that work best for your website. Add the HTML code provided to your website and publish online.
  4. Then get paid! Every time a customer clicks on any of the banners placed on your website and makes a purchase in the MAGIX or VEGAS online shops, you’ll receive up to 40% in commissions. All the tracking required to monitor your sales and performance activity can be found within the affiliate network you choose to work with.

Is the affiliate program free?

Yes, being part of the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program is free and there are absolutely no costs involved for joining our partner program.

What’s the benefit in becoming a MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Partner?

  • Free registration
  • Remuneration based on a percentage of the sales amount
  • Commission is paid for every purchase/order
  • Exclusive, highly converting MAGIX & VEGAS advertising materials
  • Access to 4 world renowned brands in a single program: MAGIX, VEGAS, SOUND FORGE and ACID
  • Image boost for your website thanks to high-quality web banners and text links
  • Program reaches over 179 countries

What are the requirements for participating in the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program?

To participate in the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program, you must be at least 18 years of age and have full legal capacity. Please refer to the general terms and conditions of the selected affiliate network in your country for all requirements and conditions concerning commission payments. As invoicing is electronic, you must be able to conduct electronic payment transactions with your bank account. Lastly, you must be the owner of a digital online property that is able to host MAGIX & VEGAS banners, logos and text links.

Can I participate in the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program as a private individual?

Yes – as long as you have your own website, blog, YouTube channel, online forum, newsletter, etc. you can participate in the affiliate program.

What happens after customers have purchased MAGIX or VEGAS products by clicking on the banner ads and text links on my website?

The transaction is exclusively between the customer and MAGIX and you will receive the commission from the sale that you referred. Commissions for any subsequent transactions made by the customer will only be received if the transaction was made through a referral link again.

What happens after I register on one of the Affiliate Networks?

After registering, MAGIX will check your application thoroughly. Once it has been approved, you will become an official MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate and gain access to a wide variety of banners, logos, and text links.

How do I integrate MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software advertising materials into my website?

  1. Log on to your affiliate network account
  2. Go to the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program
  3. Select the advertising materials you want
  4. Copy the HTML code and insert it into your website

For more information or to answer any question, please contact your network provider or reach out to us at

Where do I find the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software advertising materials in the Affiliate Network?

Each network provider is different and uses a different method. Below is an example of how links can be accessed per network but please use the following only as an example as network providers can alter the steps in retrieving the advertising material at any time:

  • Rakuten Marketing
    Choose an ad under “Get Links”, click on “Get Link” and copy and paste the code on your site.
    Example Click URL:
  • Awin Affiliate Network
    Choose an ad under "My Creative" in “Links & Tools”, click on “Copy Code” and copy and paste the code on your site.
    Example Click URL:

How often should I update my advertising materials?

Our team usually updates the advertising materials on a monthly basis. You may also look out for new banners and sales text links at any time. Of course, we will keep you posted about the most important changes by email so be sure to add a valid email address to your registration so you can remain updated on everything that is happening within the MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software Affiliate Program.

How and when will I get paid?

The affiliate network provider takes care of the entire payment process. Contact the network you are registered with to find out how they deal with the payment of commissions. Please note that it can take up to 60 days for commissions to be processed and received.

How exactly is my remuneration calculated?

You will receive a commission of up to 40% of the net product price less cancellations for each order generated via your website. Please refer to the exact terms of your commission structure in the affiliate network you have chosen to work with as commissions vary between network provider.

Will all sales that are generated through my website be remunerated correspondingly?

Yes, you will get paid for each visitor that is redirected to the MAGIX or VEGAS Online Shop and makes a purchase via your link. Customers entitled to a commission and MAGIX employees are excluded from ordering.

How do I know how many purchases have been made via my link?

Log in to your affiliate network provider’s account and check the statistics of your website. All tracking information such as impressions, clicks and sales can be found in the network.

How is it possible that I still haven't received any money from the affiliate network?

First, check your website’s statistics and the corresponding account data in your affiliate network. If you can't find any errors, feel free to write an email to to help you get things sorted out.

How can I terminate the partnership and can my partnership be terminated at anytime?

Yes, you can terminate the affiliate partnership with MAGIX & VEGAS Creative Software at any time without providing any reason and at no cost. Likewise, MAGIX can also terminate your partnership or affiliate program on any network at any time. Any outstanding remuneration from sales made prior to the termination date will be made accordingly.

How do I receive information on new banners and specials?

You will find information about new banners, specials offers and more in our monthly email newsletter.

I’m not receiving any newsletter with the latest information from MAGIX & VEGAS?

First, please check your junk mail. If you still don’t see any email newsletter from us, please reach out to us directly at

Program Benefits:

  • Absolutely free to join
  • 4 world renowned brands in one program
  • Up to 40% commission on each sale
  • Average shopping cart value of £90
  • 30+ day cookie lifetime
  • Program reaches 179+ countries
  • High conversion rates
  • Low return rates
  • Accurate performance tracking
  • New monthly deals & promotions
  • Exclusive offers available
  • Dedicated MAGIX Affiliate Account Manager

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