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Access your premium content in 3 easy steps

Access your
premium content in 3 easy steps

  1. Have the coupon code included in your order confirmation ready.
  2. Go to the "Help" menu in the program and then click on "Activate content package(s)". Enter your coupon code here.
  3. Your content will be automatically downloaded and can be accessed in the Media Pool under the "Audio" tab.

This premium content is available to subscribers in the Media Pool now:

Song Collection 80s – Synthwave and 80s Score
Song Collection Chillout – Chillout & Beach Vibes
Song Collection Chillout – Piano Improvisations
Song Collection Chillout – Wellness & Yoga
Song Collection Rock – Classic Rock Feeling
Song Collection Country – Country Folk & Blues
Song Collection Easy Listening – Cocktail Lounge
Song Collection HipHop – Smooth Hip Hop Instrumentals
Song Collection Ambient – Organic Ambient
Song Collection Pop – Future Sounds
Song Collection Pop – Pop Hits
Song Collection Pop – Summer Songs
Song Collection Rock – Rock Solid
Song Collection Various – Family & Kids
Song Collection Score – Epic Score

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